God's Existence and the Existence of Evil Essay

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This respective force apparently uses morality as a tool to differentiate between individuals and as a means to determine who should be provided with privileges and who should not (Herman 1993, p. 237). Taking this into account, it would be safe to say that the idea of karma is a better alternative to Christian arguments for the existence of God because it does not actually attempt to provide a definite explanation of a divine power. Even with this, the fact that it categorizes particular things as good and others as evil contributes to making it less general. This makes it seem that it is a concept characteristic to humans rather than an objective concept.

Although it is set in a Christian context, "The Book of Job" provides an interesting description of the divine. According to the book, the idea of God is one that people cannot simply understand or define. Instead, it is much more complex than anyone can possibly consider it to be and people are limited by their nature as they struggle to understand it. Even with the fact that the book puts across intriguing ideas, it is still not enough to demonstrate that a Christian God actually exists. It simply states something that is obvious -- that there is a supernatural power that somewhat controls things in the universe and that people are likely to never be able to comprehend its true complexity.

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St. Augustine's writings are philosophical in character, but it is clear that he was particularly influenced by his contemporaries. The fact that he relates to Moses' description of God is impressive because of how it demonstrates that a passionate Christian can take on an analytical attitude with regard to the divine. While directed at a Christian audience, St. Augustine's texts can also be important for society in general. He emphasizes the significance of interpreting matters as a key element in society. This made it possible for the masses to acknowledge the fact that it would be wrong for them to simply take things for granted and that they need to get actively involved in analyzing ideas they come across.

TOPIC: Essay on God's Existence and the Existence of Evil Assignment

All things considered, humanity has tried to address the matter of good and evil throughout history. Religions can be considered direct proof that people are inherently good. Even though it would be difficult and almost impossible to actually demonstrate that a supernatural force actually exists, it would be safe to say that theories have influenced numerous individuals to accept the existence of God in some form.

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