God and Family: A Proclamation to the World Research Paper

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Ask the children to work together to twist the strings into a rope. Point out that just as twisting the strings together made a strong rope, working together can make a strong family. Put each of the following words on separate wordstrips: Successful, families, work, together. Attach the wordstrips to the rope. Invite the children to read the sentence together.





Encourage understanding (role-playing): Show a picture of Noah, and briefly tell the story of how Noah built an ark and gathered animals to prepare for the flood (see Genesis 6 -- 7; Moses 8). Divide the children into groups, and ask each group to role-play one way Noah's family may have worked together (such as gathering wood for the ark, building the ark, and herding the animals). Invite the other children to guess what they are doing. Explain that Noah's family was successful as they worked together.

Encourage application (drawing pictures): Explain that just as Noah's family worked together, it is important for us to work together in our own families. Give each child a piece of paper and crayons, and invite them to draw pictures of their families working together. Invite several children to share their pictures and explain how doing what they have drawn will help their families be successful.

Retelling stories: When children retell a story they have just heard, they will remember it better.

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Scriptures: Having children read from their own scriptures reinforces the importance of the scripture and invites the Spirit. If possible, invite the children to mark verses in their own scriptures and then read them together.

Object lessons "tie [an] invisible idea & #8230; to some tangible object the [children] already know about and then build from that knowledge" (Boyd K. Packer, in TNGC, 163) ("2014 Outline for Sharing Time: Families Are Forever October: "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" Came from God to Help My Family," 2013, p. 1)

TOPIC: Research Paper on God & Family: A Proclamation to the World Assignment

This is merely just information I think might help the paper. This will not be apart of the actual paper! This is just an example of proclamation of scripture and so you can review the references and see if you are okay with it. The final end product will be 10 pages with 10-20 intext citations. Paper will be completed before or on due date and handed over.

Citation Source: 2014 Outline for Sharing Time: Families Are Forever October: "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" Came from God to Help My Family. (2013). Retrieved from http://www.lds.org/manual/2014-outline-for-sharing-time-families-are-forever/october-the-family-a-proclamation-to-the-world-came-from-god-to-help-my-family?lang=eng


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