Is There a God? Thesis

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¶ … God Exist?

The question of whether or not God (or gods) exist is probably as old as the concept of divinity itself. The different ways of answering this question, however, developed over different periods of time. The three main ways of looking at this question are through revealed theology, natural theology, and the philosophy of religion. The first of these theories is the simplest to explain and understand, and possibly the oldest, making it a good place to start.

Of the three theories mentioned above, revealed theology is the most closely aligned with pure faith.

The basic tenet of revealed theology is that the existence of God can be proven only through special revelations such as the Bible and the Koran. Faith in the veracity of these texts -- or, more often, a particular text -- is central to the idea of reveled theology. Logic, on the other hand, is largely antithetical to the idea of revealed theology, as the texts are taken as the true word of God or his trusted emissaries at face value, and any probing of these texts would therefore be sacrilegious. According to this theory, God's word is proof of his existence.

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Natural theology takes much different view of the subject. The term "natural" refers to the use of pure rationality -- man's "natural" resource of logical thought -- to determine the existence of God. No special revelations or any other evidence is considered by natural theology, but only the use of reason is applied to the question of God's existence. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, this route can provide more certain knowledge of God's existence, but it cannot provide the "saving knowledge" that the revealed theology of Christianity (and many other religions) promises. To him, then, the use of pure reason in the consideration of God was not fully adequate. For others, though, this rationality was even more widely applicable.

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