Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Term Paper

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¶ … bad, and the ugly: Instructional experiences

Fortunately, the worst experience I had as an educator did not occur within the context of the public education system. I was a young student, in my teens, working as a counselor at a local summer camp. The camp included both 'fun' activities and some academic instruction. I was given the task of teaching a mixed group of students, in terms of their gender and abilities. The class covered basic study skills and had some in-class and out-of-class assignments.

Because it was the summer, holding the attention of the students was difficult. I initially wished to employ a 'fun' approach with the students, making use of their imagination, and doing some writing activities outside: perhaps using nature activities to reinforce basic math and science skills. However, my supervisor was an older woman who clearly did not think much of my instructional skills because of my age. She was a teacher who had a strong emotional investment in her approach to teaching, and believed that her way was the only way. She would not allow me any flexibility in the way I tailored my instruction to the needs of the students. She clearly saw me as a student, not as a fellow teacher, even though I was supposed to be allowed to teach at least part of the class.

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As a result of her directive pedagogical approach, I was told what books I would have to use in my teaching, and was given strict guidelines in terms of how I should approach the material. She frequently watched my lessons from the back of the class and would quickly correct me if she felt that I was letting the class get out of control. Because the room was warm, the students were often restless. Her demeanor made me even less confident about my ability to lead the class. After class, when going over my experiences, she told me what I should have done differently, and never asked me questions about my perceptions of the sessions. She once said to me, after a session where she had been especially disruptive: "well, that was a disaster!" Because I never felt that I was allowed to 'own' my material or my class, I never established a rapport with my students.

Term Paper on Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Assignment

The students were frequently bored in the class, and would obviously have rather been playing outside. Although my supervisor was more experienced, she tended to talk down to the students, and did not reinforce the lessons they were supposed to be learning any better than myself. Worst of all was the fact she never asked me what I wanted to accomplish with my class, or any independent and individual ideas I might possess.

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