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[. . .] Thus, as a consequence of this apprehension of the Chinese government, Google decide to redirect users to Also in January 2010, China was accused by Google to have penetrated its corporate infrastructure. Google said that this computer attack had been originated from China and stole valuable information. It, thus, threatened to take away its restriction of certain items from its Chinese network. As a result of this finger pointing by Google, the Chinese government got exasperated and in return, accused Google of dodging Chinese law. In the end, Google's focus moved to Hong Kong (Thomas, 2010).


Google has achieved the position of a ruler in the technology arena. Undoubtedly, the internet economy has been ruled by Google since its creation in 1998. The technological industry has been expansively impacted with Google's products that number more than 150. Amazingly, Google has continued to grow with its ever increasing line of valuable products. However, Google has been facing hard-hitting competition in the technology market with several toughest competitors in the field (Deep, 2010).

1. Apple

Though they were once partners, Google and Apple have locked horns in the field of Smartphone, Mobile App Store, OS, Mobile Ad, and Online Music and so on. Google Chrome is in rough competition with Apple Safari. Moreover, Google's Android in also in tough rivalry with Apple's iPhones.

2. Microsoft

Google has Microsoft as one of the powerful adversaries in the IT industry. They are opponents in areas of search, collaboration tools and browsers.

3. Amazon

When it comes to cloud computing and E-book readership, Google has Amazon as its toughest opponent.

4. Twitter

With Twitter revolutionizing the ways of communication, Google has a long way to reach the social networking position Twitter has acquired. Twitter's Connect has outperformed Google's Friend Connect.

5. Facebook

Undoubtedly, Facebook as an information provider has popularized amazingly all over the world and it is surely a hard time for Google to match up with it.

6. Mozilla

The browser war and the war in the field of default searches have heated up the tension between Mozilla and Google.

7. Yahoo

Besides Microsoft, Yahoo is a frightening competitor for Google when it comes to search.

8. Cisco

Cisco, without a doubt, challenges Google experience on web-based collaborative platform, WebEx, and superior VOIP service. Google's Wave and Voice also face a terrible threat by Cisco. Cisco's Pure Digital and Flip have given Google's Nexus a really hard time.

Thus, Google is not alone out there to provide people with technological facilities. Google's rivals have poised serious threats to the company either single-handedly or collaboratively (Deep, 2010).


Today, the Internet's amazing power has reached to such a point which has not been seen before in the history of mankind. It has created such a powerful impact on the world that even the governments are bound to detect it (Vericat, 2010). And bearing no doubt in mind, it won't be incorrect to mention that Google has contributed in increasing the power of Internet by leaps and bounds.

Though Google is facing challenges on its way up, the company is still one of the world's leading, smartest, wealthiest, and most inventive companies. Google not only thinks short-term but it also has long-term plans. For instance, it is seeking to "replace every single feature phone with a smartphone" (Marshall, 2011). When all people will be running smartphones, it means that each individual will carry devices that will be running Google search, putting on view Google ads and thus, helping Google to generate income (Marshall, 2011).

96% of Google's revenues currently generate from the combination of display advertising and search ads. Therefore, it is not a wonder that the innovative company is continuing to invest in these two chief products (Marshall, 2011).

Despite the fact that Google's success in the field of technology is facing continuous threats, "the attention it maintains on its core advertising continues to deliver the benefit of growth and sustainable advantage from which Google has the opportunity to expand" (Marshall, 2011).


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