GOP vs. DNC Research Proposal

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¶ … GOP and DNC Websites

The Democratic site highlights healthcare for all as one of their primary points. They also stress environment and climate change, noting, "our planet is in peril" ( is a primary issue with the site stating, "We believe that covering all is not just a moral imperative, but is necessary to making our health system workable and affordable" ( believe that the energy "threat we face today may be less immediate than threats from dictators, but it is as real and as dangerous" ( website places national security at the top of its issues list, noting that all American should "affirm that our first obligation is the security of our country" ( is also a primary goal of the Republican Party. These issues demonstrate the differences between each party.

Both sites approach visitors in similar ways. They both have buttons on the home page for donating. The Democratic website encourages individuals to get… [END OF PREVIEW]

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