Gordon's Assimilation Theory Social Work Research Paper

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Methodological issues and empirical support for the theory

Given the theory's displacement in contemporary life and given the fact that education, occupation and income are some of the many factors that play a constitutive role in determining assimilation, scholars such as Xie and Greenman (2011) conclude that there is little empirical evidence supporting the theory. The methodology is flawed since it is irrelevant to contemporary living and since, for reasons, mentioned throughout this essay, the theory possesses internal flaws in various areas. The process of assimilation depends on the contextual area of the immigrant; no generalizations can be made. Furthermore, future research should focus on differential processes of assimilation rather than generally determining acculturation followed by assimilation to be a pattern conclusive to all.


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Neidert, L & Farely, R (1985) Assimilation in the United States. Am. Soc. Review, 50:840-850Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Gordon's Assimilation Theory Social Work Assignment

Sandberg, N (1973) Ethnic identity and…
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