Gospel of Christ to Hinduism Term Paper

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¶ … Gospel of Christ to Hinduism. The writer explores the differences between the two faiths and relays the basic tenets of the Christian faith to the reader to convert someone to Christ from the Hindu faith. There were three sources used to complete this paper.

Bringing Hindus to Christ

America has always prided itself on its diverse nature. It promotes the idea of religious freedom; in fact the nation was founded because of the desire by its residents to get away from a doctrine they didn't believe and to begin their own path to spiritual freedom. In America there are many different faiths represented. The constitution allows individuals to choose the faith they wish to follow (Lambert, 2003). One of the more significant benefits of such a system is that nobody is forced into their spiritual beliefs; they are instead free to examine study and choose the path that holds the most truth for them. While there are many different faiths represented in today's society two faiths that seem to be diametrically opposed are the Christian and the Hindu faiths. Each of them have a doctrine that guides its followers in how to conduct themselves in life, and each of them believes that they are the truth; however, only one holds the message of salvation.


For one to understand the wonder and awe of the Christian faith, one should have a basic understanding of the doctrine surrounding the faith itself.

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The Christian beliefs include knowing that any person, who believes that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of all mankind and accepts Jesus as his or her personal savior, will be accepted into the kingdom of God (Ghasarian, 1997).

Jesus is believed by Christians to be the son of God and God as well as part of the Holy Trinity, which includes the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit (Study of Basic Christian Beliefs http://www.beswick.info/basicch/whatwe.htm#whoisje).

TOPIC: Term Paper on Gospel of Christ to Hinduism. The Writer Assignment

Christians believe that Jesus was crucified by sinners and then raised from the dead to cleanse mankind of all sins forever.

Jesus is called Savior because through the sacrifice of his life and his conquest of sin and death he saved each person from the consequences of sin (Study of Basic Christian Beliefs http://www.beswick.info/basicch/whatwe.htm#whoisje)"

Christians also believe that mankind is separated from God by sin and must pray for forgiveness and be baptized to reconcile their relationship with the Lord.


Hindus believe that the Creator of all things is Brahman and consists of many Gods while Christians believe in one God.(Hindu beliefs (http://www.himalayanacademy.com/basics/nineb/).

The Hindu faith also proclaims that the universe goes through constant and endless cycles of creation. The word karma comes from the Hindu faith because followers believe that good begets good and bad begets bad with one's life behavior and treatment of life, others and the Creator.

Hindus believe in reincarnation of the soul that involves the soul evolving through many births and then performing kind and good deeds on earth in those lives to earn the right to not have to keep coming back and instead be able to go to the Hindu version of heaven (Hindu beliefs (http://www.himalayanacademy.com/basics/nineb/).

Bringing a Hindu to Christ

At first glance it appears that the two faiths are completely opposed to each other in almost every way however, when one takes a second look one will find there are many similarities between what the Hindus believe and the Christians believe, therefore it should not be difficult to bring a Hindu follower to Christ.

The differences between Hinduism and Christianity are vast. There are numerous former Hindu followers that have left the faith and turned to Christ. "These people left a life of hopelessness, where they were dependent on their own works to escape from samsara, to a life of hope and assurance of their salvation. They left their millions-in-one impersonal gods,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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