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To the east of the outermost bay of each transept stands a deep chapel of two stages" (Kaye 43-44).

Again, the influence of Laon on Notre-Dame is evident in the rose on the north front, the larger areas for windows, and the supportive columns throughout the nave, along with the sexpartite ribbed vaults, and the arcaded gallery that is quite similar to Notre-Dame's, and is said to have highly influenced the Paris cathedral. It is clear Laon is not on the same scale as Notre-Dame, but that it influenced Notre-Dame's builders. Interestingly, Laon's influence spread farther than Paris. Architect Kaye continues, "The influence of this cathedral was considerable in the north and east of France, as well as in Normandy -- for example in the cathedral of Lisieux -- and in England, the Rhineland, Germany, and as far as Spain" (Kaye 46). This illustrates just how architecture spread throughout Europe by following earlier examples, and then creating new and innovative ideas, such as the flying buttresses of Notre-Dame. This innovation also spread to many other cathedrals, as noted. It was almost as if architectural innovations spread by word of mouth. As builders and architects moved from one site to another, this makes sense - they carried their new knowledge with them, and spread the technologies and innovations as they completed one cathedral and moved on to the next project.

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Gradually, Gothic architecture ran its course. The Middle Ages gave way to a new kind of thought and artistic process, which grew up in Italy and was known as the Renaissance. Gothic architecture seemed old and dark to these new thinkers, and so, they raised architecture to another level, and Renaissance architecture was born. Roth notes, "They had a new confidence in their intellectual capacity and desired a new architecture, one no longer based in the traditions of the church but expressing the mathematical clarity and rationality they perceived in the divine order of the universe" (Roth 317). Gradually, Gothic architecture disappeared, but not before it had forever left its mark in the cities and towns of Europe.

Term Paper on Gothic Cathedrals, With a Few Assignment

In conclusion, Gothic cathedrals are some of the most lasting and memorable buildings still standing in Europe today. Gothic architecture created new building techniques and innovations, and moved building along to another level of understanding. Often, these ancient buildings have been renovated numerous times as they age, but they still manage to convey the power and opulence of the Gothic age. From their massive stature, to their incredibly beautiful stained glass windows and ornate stone carvings decorating the exteriors and interiors, these cathedrals tell us much about the people who created and used them. They are architectural wonders, but they are also incredibly artistic and stunning. They show an incredible attention to detail and decoration that we rarely see in modern architecture. They are truly wonders of the world, and they clearly influenced culture and society for hundreds of years. While their building style gave way to other influences, they can never be replaced.


Calkins, Robert G. Medieval Architecture in Western Europe: From A.D. 300 to 1500. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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