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The Flamboyant Gothic is generally considered to be the final phase of the Gothic architecture, manifesting itself on the European continent during the 15th century. As one of its main characteristics, the Flamboyant style shows an explosion of the artistic creativity and an increased focus on the decorations of the buildings. If previously, many of these decorations had a practical use foremost (the gargoyles, for example, had primarily the function of carrying the water away from the roof, while the arches were basic support functions), decoration exists in the Flamboyant style simply for the sake of decoration.

At the same time, the cathedrals were no longer the usual austere buildings they had been in the first Gothic periods. A greater attention to artistic detail, the preponderance of stained glass and decorations made these buildings more artistic than before. In fact, one of the first characteristics of Flamboyant Gothic is that "wall space was reduced to the minimum of supporting vertical shafts to allow an almost continuous expanse of glass and tracery."

This follows on what has been mentioned in the pervious paragraph. If before all elements in a Gothic construction were there for a practical purpose, with the Flamboyant Gothic, this practical aspect is kept to a minimum and more space is awarded to pinnacles, gables or stained glass.

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Flamboyant Gothic can be analyzed in greater detail at particular construction elements. For example, the arch, a defining element of the Gothic style, is used now in a double-curved shape, after it was predominantly either concave or convex during the previous Gothic periods. The walls are no longer the same solid, stone constructions that are unitary up to the top. Now, occasional patterns are sculpted in them, without challenging their supportive ability, but improving their aesthetic and artistic perspective for the viewer.

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