Government Should Be Added Extra Point System for Those Who Served the Military Service Research Paper

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Government in South Korea should add extra points system for those who served the military service'

There is a compulsion for men to work in the army in South Korea. The veterans have been provided an extra point system that would qualify them for civilian jobs after they are cashiered. This system provides a distinct advantage for the men who are applying for work in the civilian sector and is also beneficial for them. This model is followed for men in the same footing as in the U.S. While in the U.S. The issues addressed are not only employment but also other facilities like health and social security. As far as South Korea, is concerned it is a growing economy with competition in the civil jobs both from the civilian population and also from the immigrants who come in search of work. Moreover the society has changed with feminine activism and more women entering the work market. The discharged soldier is at a disadvantage unless he is given some weight because of adaptation issues. These issues are somewhat addressed by the extra point system. Thus taking away the system will create hardship for those who are compulsorily commissioned and would create a situation where they are likely to fail in civil life with attendant consequences. This paper thus argues that the government in South Korea should add extra points system for those who served the military service.

Thesis Statement:

The government of South Korea has proposed withdrawing the extra points system and it is argued that the "Government in South Korea should add extra points system for those who served the military service."

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Government Should Be Added Extra Point System for Those Who Served the Military Service Assignment

There are many reasons that point to the fact that the soldier who leaves the army finds it difficult to get a job or exist in the civil society. In South Korea it is mandatory for the youth to enter military service for at least 2 years. On the other hand while it is compulsory for men to enter military service, it is not mandatory for women, and other excepted kinds like migrant workers and some skilled personnel and also those who may be exempted by law. Thus men are at a great disadvantage in finding jobs, getting trained and finding experience as compared to women and other workers who may become skilled in the two years and offer severe competition.

In Korea, women and other people who do not need to serve the military service have lots of chance to apply for job and improve their personal skills like getting certification on any computer skills but the men who served the military service cannot prepare anything about their future job for 2 years.

The Human Rights Commission has pointed out that the military service is mandatory for males and the government imprisons persons who raise a conscientious objection to military service. The law for conscientious objectors to military service are not accommodated to alternative civilian service. About eight hundred men are imprisoned in South Korea. Most of them are Jehovah's Witnesses; and those with religious beliefs and other similar reasons for refusing to carry out military service. Further the constitutional court in hearing arguments on whether criminal punishment for conscientious objectors to military service is a violation of rights, the court ruled in 2011, that the right to conscientious objection to military service is not protected in the Constitution. (Amnesty Report, 2012)

Under such circumstances it is evident that every eligible male has to do compulsory military service. This means that male members of the society are trained, and kept in barracks and other military installations for over a number of years during mostly their youth. It is improbable that all the youth acquire skills that would be in demand in the civilian life, and the case of veterans who put in larger number of years in the service would alienate them from the fast changing consumer oriented business world and they would be unfit for jobs with various requirements unless they have time to learn and orient themselves to the civilian climate. Only if the government ensures that alternative service is of a genuinely civilian character with the opportunity to qualify while in service is provided to military personnel the question of accommodating cashiered personnel in business and civilian ventures will persist and cause strife.

One of the working solutions that have been explored in many western nations and in the U.S. are providing special concessions in education, employment and other competitive avenues for ex-service personnel. This means creating a system where service in the military counts for something. That is exactly what the credit point system is now doing to the personnel and discontinuing it will leave the discharged soldier high and dry and will remove any opportunity at competing with the general public for jobs and education. Now, South Korean government is going to abolish the system. There are benefits in the system especially considering the political, social and employment status of the country and hence the hypothesis that "the government should not abolish the system for the men who served the military service." It would be very unjust and will be utter discrimination of the men in service over other civilian competitors.

Comparing the system between Korea and other countries like the United States, it is evident that the United States and Australia have come to terms with the problem of joblessness of soldiers who have quit service. There have been a lot of laws passed and concessions given to accommodate those veterans who have turned to civilian life after active duty. In the United States for example in a research conducted for the Rand Corporation Santa Monica, the researchers Asch & Warner (1994), in their paper 'Policy Analysis of Alternative Military Retirement Systems' suggest that for the year 1990, the government spent over forty five billion dollars as military compensation and this has caused debate in the policy of the retirement system, and various appointed commissions have advanced proposals for the military's compensation system. "To address questions about the appropriateness of the size and structure of the military system, a theory or model is needed that recognizes the military's manpower goals, incorporates the essential features of the military organization, and predicts the behavioural responses of personnel to alternative compensation and personnel policies." (Asch; Warner, 1994)

Thus was born various schemes that accommodated social security, disability schemes, and the extra point scheme in education and job selection and many federal laws and policies now relate to the employment of people with disabilities. And those disabled in action are now protected by law, especially the Americans with Disabilities Act, and has many other social welfare policies and the method of absorbing the veteran in civil businesses and work after the detachment from the labour force. It is argued by Waterstone, professor at Loyola Law School Los Angeles that "the federal laws and programs for veterans with disabilities demonstrate that a more coherent policy is possible. Federal employment policy for veterans with disabilities is more integrated and encourages workforce participation through both antidiscrimination law and social welfare policies." (Waterstone, 2009)

The U.S. experience begins with a large number of soldiers returning from the wars, both with and without injuries and disabilities and the inability to accommodate or create a proper system to assure them employment opportunities with the economy having a rising unemployment rates, has made the government create special laws and consideration to accommodate the veterans in civil life. This is a study thus in the need for systems to accommodate those cashiered from service and the methods legally taken to accommodate them by giving special concessions. One of such is the points for service system which gives a better advantage to the soldier over the competition in the job market. (Evan, 2009)

However it is to be pointed out that increasing military expenditure has made the U.S. government step back from the merit points from 2010. The U.S. Social Security Administration has been ever since 1957, providing cover to the military service earnings for active duty and converting the Social Security taxes on those earnings. Further the military service from 1957 through 2001 can be credited for higher Social Security benefit. However after the year 2001, there are no special extra earnings credits for military service. In the U.S. The 2002, Public Law 107-117 and the Defence Appropriations Act, stopped the special extra earnings that have been credited to military service personnel. Thus in future in the U.S. extra earnings credits will not be counted. (U.S. Social Security Administration, 2012)

Taking a look at the Australian system, it can be noted that Australia's National Service lotteries and the effect of army service on employment outcomes was researched by Siminski (2012) a social researcher. In his paper using various "Population data from military personnel records, tax returns, veterans' compensation records and the census" the researcher was able to arrive at the fact that in the case of Australia the employment potential of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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