Government Policies Thesis

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Government Policies

Four policies the government has created: Economic growth and productivity

Student loans

The purpose of Student loans is to make education more affordable for the average American. The premise behind student loans is that students will borrow to pay their education, get a better job, and then pay off the costs of that education later in life, after they have attained financial solvency. However, this happy scenario does not always transpire. A shaky economy makes repayment of student loans far from certain. Furthermore, student loans do not level the playing field as much as one might assume. Students from wealthier backgrounds do not need to balance work and school. They can take internships over the summer to build their social networks, rather than take mindless jobs simply to pay for books and other aspects of schooling not covered by government loans. True, students can always choose to go to a state school or less competitive university at a lower cost, but it is difficult to find a 'free' education. Moreover, going to a lower-quality school can shut one out of the social networks and knowledge base of elite institutions. This contributes to the inequality manifest in America.

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Instead of extending student loans, the government should offer more financial support to all universities, to reduce the price of tuition, or offer grants to students of high academic caliber. The best foreign universities in Europe and Canada are far less expensive than America's most elite institutions. By truly expanding access to education, America could become a more literate and socially equal society, and with superior knowledge the overall quality of the labor force would be improved and spur long-term productivity. Students like myself would be able to avoid the culture of debt endemic to our society early in their working lives, and could take more socially meaningful jobs upon graduation, rather than the best-paying job they could find to pay off their student loans.

Interest rates

Thesis on Government Policies Assignment

To stimulate the economy, the Federal Reserve Bank lowers interest rates to encourage spending rather than savings. During the credit crisis and subsequent recession of 2008, the Fed lowered interest rates to historically low levels. This was supposed to help consumers with their mortgage payments, encourage consumers to purchase 'big ticket' items like cars and large appliances, and encourage businesses to hire more workers, to meet the presumably increased level of consumer demand. Of course, the Federal Reserve had been criticized for its past policies of making it so easy to borrow money that many prospective homebuyers took our complicated mortgages on homes they could ill afford. However, the economy is believed to be in such dire straits, that the Fed's current policy is seen as essential.

In terms of my own life, as I do not have a mortgage, the decline in interest rates did not affect my cost of living. I do not have a prohibitive level of credit card debt because I am worried about the state of the current economy and my future job prospects. It would seem unwise to take out a large loan for a car or other item, no matter how low the interest rate, if I might need… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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