Government and Policy the Joyan Islands Creative Writing

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Government & Policy

The Joyan Islands

As provisional Prime Minister of the newly independent Joyan Islands, it is my duty to set the example for the future course of the Joyan people. This means forming the island's priorities based on its goals, and following the examples of other island nations before it. A lot of what happens in a country depends on the cultural values embedded in history, but every new country feels it must shape its path in a fresh way from its colonial past. It is important for the Joyan Islands to maintain their unique cultural identity, yet at the same time to modernize and develop strong economy ties around the world as well as any industrial nation can do so.

The Joyan Islands should have a Parliamentary system of government, as it currently exists. A good example is the United Kingdom, which maintains almost all levels of power concentrated in London. This is advantageous because it allows the largest and most influential island to exert influence onto the two smaller islands.

The Joyan Islands need to be arranged as a unitary territorial arrangement in order to maintain the status quo power relationship, yet maintain a strong cultural link to the smaller islands. A federal system would allow for too much division, similar to the Scottish Parliament's separate viewpoints from the UK Parliament in London. No government representatives should be on the islands except for local police and administrative positions like mayor or sheriff.

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The best electoral system for maintaining central power will be simple majority. Citizen representation is split 100% Indo-European for the largest island, 50/50 on the middle island, and 100% Amero-Indian on the smallest island. Theoretically, there should never exist a scenario where the Amero-Indian voter bloc can control Parliament. Any other electoral system will give the opposition party power-sharing responsibilities, which is counter to the goals of a newly independent, yet still European dominated country.

Creative Writing on Government & Policy the Joyan Islands as Assignment

I would absolutely pursue an export-heavy industrialized economy. I would follow the model of such countries as Taiwan and Japan, both island nations which leveraged their cheap costs and easy access to cheap shipping methods to grow their markets. Education is a core component of a well developed economy, and therefore education of Spanish language and mandatory 12-year curriculum for all will be instituted on all islands.

A strong business elite has guided Japan and Taiwan well in their economic visions, and therefore I would follow their model. As little unionization as possible is important in order to maintain a low-cost labor competitive advantage against neighbor countries. The state will use its resources to maintain relatively low corporate taxation, possibly even to the extent of drawing in foreign investment simply to increase interaction with the best possible trading partners. The island-nation situation is ideal, as labor problems will mostly be stifled by the fact that commerce will continue on the large island even if the two smaller islands have strikes and union representation. Their source of revenue will entirely depend on what happens in the capital, Dirdam, on the large island of Rubi.

Singapore's model economic development strategy is the most relevant to the Joyan Islands. Singapore's governing powers understood how important it is for small nations to have a small, specialized elite, encompassing the military as well as a technocrat core, in order to remain relevant in such a diverse global economy. It is not possible to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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