Government Regulation of the Outdoor Term Paper

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Income levels are bad enough as it is, and people are going without recreation and entertainment. They shouldn't have to go without some harmless outdoor recreation because they can't afford to license their small paddleboat; it simply isn't right or fair.

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Targeting paddleboats is unfair in many other ways, as well. For example, in most states, off-road vehicles aren't licensed. As long as they are used off-road, and not on maintained streets, they don't have to be licensed. Everyone knows that these off-road vehicles, including quads and dirt bikes, are extremely dangerous, and many people are killed or injured every year. A lawyer who represents dirt bike accident victims notes, "In 2001, 467 people were killed in ATV accidents. In 2002, 113,900 people went to the emergency room with ATV-related injuries, and tragically, the CPSC estimates that at least 30% of all the people involved in ATV accidents are children" (Wise Law Group). And yet, these vehicles, which cause far more deaths and injuries than paddleboats, are not licensed in most areas. This is not right, and if boats are regulated, then these other types of vehicles should be, too. However, I do not believe either of these recreational vehicles should be licensed. There is enough government intervention in the outdoor industry already, and it results in too much government, too much regulation, and too many fees and taxes to the American people. The government needs to become less involved in the outdoor industry, rather than more involved. This is the one remaining area where people can still manage to get away, unwind, and relax with nature, and adding licensing and regulations are only going to make it more stressful and restrictive. Outdoor recreation is something we shouldn't take for granted, but with more regulations, we might have to do without it all together, and that would be nothing short of a tragedy.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Government Regulation of the Outdoor Assignment

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