Government Role in Abstinence Education Term Paper

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The Institute of Medicine published a report declaring that abstinence only programs have proven to be "poor fiscal policy." James Greenwood, in a letter to President Bush stated "there is no evidence that abstinence only until marriage programmes work." U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher argued that the best way reduce teen pregnancy and STD rates is to combine both abstinence only ideals with safe sex programs. However, even programs that couple the teaching of abstinence as well as safe sex are not eligible for government funds. Deborah Roffman, author of "Sex and Sensibility" stated: "The abstinence-only approach is not realistic. Fifty per cent of kids have already had intercourse." The money that is spent on abstinence only programs could be more efficiently and effectively used in a program that teaches both abstinence and safe sex. We can reduce the expenditure on welfare programs for young parents and health care expenditures used for treating the numerous cases of STD's among our youth by providing them with the tools to make safe, responsible choices. Abstinence only programs expect children to behave as if this were an "ideal" world, free of influence and temptation. We all know that this utopia does not exist, if we continue to fund such programs, their ineffectiveness will render our tax dollars non-existent as well.

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Not only are abstinence only education programs unethical and a waste of taxpayers money, they censor potentially life saving health information. It is inevitable that some children will have sex; this is by no means an ideal world. By withholding the information necessary to protect them from disease and prevent pregnancy, abstinence only education risks the lives of America's children. By teaching that condoms, birth control and other devices are ineffective, children will be inclined not use them. Quantitatively, 90% of Americans have sex outside of marriage, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. It is irresponsible not to equip children with the tools that have the potential to save their lives.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Government Role in Abstinence Education Assignment

The President deserves an A for effort but an F. For tactic. Yes, there is a big problem among America's youth, too many babies are having babies. But to ignore the fact that children are having sex is akin to putting a blindfold on while will accidents will happen. Abstinence only programs do nothing to address the real issue of today's youth which are: lack of guidance, few positive role models, lack of self-worth, low self-esteem and a general shift in what is considered acceptable from what previous generations considered socially acceptable. Abstinence only programs are ineffective, discriminatory, unethical and put children at significant health risks. President Bush and supporters should cease exclusive funding of abstinence only programs as taxpayer's dollars could be better used for programs that teach both abstinence and comprehensive sex education. In conclusion, America needs to stop supporting censorship and imposing Christian values on those who do follow the same ideology. Children have the right to a fair, unbiased education that gives them all the information required to make informed decisions. It's time to cease abridging the rights of young people Sorry Mr. Bush, you have been living in a bubble long enough.

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