Government and Its Role and Power Essay

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Government and its role and power to rule people within a specific territory are core aspect of all political philosophy. This is largely because people generally accept legitimacy claims made by the government and states that govern the territories where they live. However, in analyzing the role of the government in relation to its rule over people, it's important to explore the concept of human nature, social contract, and several aspects that impact democracy. These aspects are critical elements with which the role of government can be determined and understood given that almost every society has a system of governance in the form of government or state's rule.

Concept of Human Nature:

One of the most remarkable features about human nature is that human beings are prone to accept authority claims made by states or governments that rule their respective territories. The general acceptance is usually without efforts to try and determine whether the government's or state's claim to authority is legal. Since human beings have an enormous ability to adapt, the general acceptance of legitimacy claims allows them to have a moral obligation to obey the commands provided by the government or state. Consequently, governments continue to exercise their power to rule and issue commands or laws that citizens are required to obey. The concept of human nature can be further understood through the term general will, which is people's decision to reserve their personal concerns for the joint aim toward common good.

Meaning of social contract:

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Social contract can be described as a deliberate, common agreement among all members of the society to create themselves into an integrated political community and abide by the laws established by government that they jointly choose. According to the political theory of the 17th and 18th centuries, the state's legitimacy claims are based on either a real or hypothetical social contract.

Essay on Government and Its Role and Power to Assignment

Social contract can be further understood through a society's general will, which is the collective aim by its members towards general good in all political discussions and actions. While achieving a general will is difficult, this term an important aspect of social contract because of the collective aims towards general or common good.

One of the major components of the theory of social contract is that it disregards the notion that the political world consists of only individuals and the state. According to liberal social contract theorists, an individual comes first and together with others, their actions create the state through their social contract. However, the pluralist social theorists state that a society consists of various groups rather than individuals.

Privileges under Social Contract:

Since social contract is founded on the basis of collective actions, social contract contains powers and privileges that societal members are entitled to. Some of these privileges include:


Unlike capitalism, social contract offers people the power and privilege of self-awareness in both economic and political organization. Some of the evident disadvantages of capitalism are the fact that it's internally unstable and subject to degenerate into economic crises. As capitalism is destroyed, a socialist and democratic society emerges through social contract with which people become aware of their rights to private life without government interference.

Satisfaction of Human Need:

As one of the major teachings of socialism, social contract provides the privilege of satisfaction of human need to members of the society. This is because it revolves around a social and economic system of joint social rights of means of production, equal distribution of resources,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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