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Cutting costs in this way for various activities impacts not only timeliness but the quality of the product as well and it does not matter if the product is tangible or intangible, the quality and timeliness of the product will be strongly affected by cost (Angelis, 36). Because of this decisions relating to effectiveness and efficiency have to be made together (Angelis, 36). If they are made separately they often do not agree with one another and a full understanding of the issue is not available. One must look at the trade-offs between cost and benefit in order to understand whether tasks must be sped up or whether doing them more slowly is actually the most cost-effective in the long run (Angelis, 36).

The pilot program that was dealt with through the Air Force taught many lessons. One of these was that senior management must be involved in any type of acquisition program that deals with cost effectiveness and efficiency because these individuals need to be kept involved and also because they often see and understand a great deal more than most individuals give them credit for (Angelis, 36). The pilot programs also teach governmental organizations whether this type of system is something that will benefit them or whether the old ways that they are doing things are actually the best (Angelis, 36).

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Taking a governmental acquisition organization and utilizing an activity-based management system is not something to be taken lightly. There is a great deal of effort involved in creating a system that will provide cost data that is reliable and even then the system does not have much value for the work that was put into it if it is not utilized to manage the resources that an organization has. Even after many processes have been improved and all of the serious difficulties have been addressed and worked out management must utilize the system (Angelis, 36). If they choose to stop using it both performance and cost will likely suffer because systems such as this activity-based management system need to continually be utilized by management in order to keep them working at the most efficient level.

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This means that analysis, reviewing, and reporting procedures must all the established so that trends can be detected and problems can be highlighted (Angelis, 36). Goals must also be established and this is not just something that should be at the very beginning when the system is first set up (Angelis, 36). The goals, trends, and problems should be something that are ongoing and dealt with rapidly (Angelis, 36). Problems when they come up should be handled quickly and efficiently and goals and trends should be studied and managed so that companies follow the trends that appear to be worthwhile and profitable and goals are set, both short-term and long-term, so that the company has something to work for well into the future (Angelis, 36).

Presenting data clearly and usefully is one of the first steps for a governmental acquisition organization that wishes to utilize this type of activity-based management program (Stidham, 1998). However, this does not mean that there should not be any flexibility in what is being done. The data should be able to be presented to many different ways and those that are interested in utilizing or studying it should have various options as to how to do this. By doing things this way organizations that deal in governmental acquisition will have more options for the work that they do and the assurance that it is done correctly.

Benchmarking the costs that these organizations have is also very important although with organizations that deal with governmental acquisition it is sometimes more difficult to do this (Angelis, 36). Many of these organizations are similar in nature but are not that similar in budget and the types of things that they are planning to acquire. Because of this the setting of a benchmark for how much money should be spent on a given activity is often quite difficult. However, benchmarks can be looked at where budget issues are involved when it comes to what type of budget an organization has, what kinds of things the money is being spent on, and whether it appears as though the budget will need to be increased in the future or whether the organization is capable of working within its same budget in the future.

Performance metrics can be created for managers so that the effectiveness of an organization can be measured against the goals that were established (Angelis, 36). This also helps these managers to look at whether any problems that occurred have been dealt with swiftly and whether trends that were noticed in a particular field or area of study has been followed if they appear to be worthwhile and profitable. A pilot study such as the one done with the Air Force is extremely important to this issue because it helps show how these types of systems can be implemented and how they can be made even more useful (Angelis, 36). These types of management programs will not always be successful but where governmental acquisition organizations are concerned it is extremely important to have these types of programs so that acquisitions can go more smoothly.

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