Governmental Agency, CDC, Regulates Governs Essay

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The activities of the agency are organized into functional units or locations comprising of workers well versed in such segments. Health committees are a common strategy in addressing the various activities of the agency hence the constant alignment of the activities into such important programs. The committees normally draw representation from several support areas both from the employees and their supervisors. While recognizing the need for employee participation in decision making, the agency fosters strong commitment and support of its activities from its employees. In the same vein, the amount of influence the employees command in the agency is normally a function of their authority and expertise in their respective roles. Specialization is therefore a core concern in the management of CDC. In the countries where the employees are unionized, the union members are normally part of the committees that manage the agency.

The success of CDC in its operations is much evidenced in the scale of the agency's activities and the support it draws across the world. The research activities are normally carried out in various research centers located in several countries. Particular research centers deal with particular programs. For instance in Africa, CDC's activities revolve around the control and prevention of tropical diseases like malaria and in reducing the spread of HIV. These activities are normally conducted by various segments of the agency which receive direct funding from the headquarters.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Governmental Agency, CDC, Regulates Governs Assignment

On the total scorecard, it can be stressed that CDC is indeed a global giant in healthcare issues today. The operations of the agency have bolstered the need to institute healthcare reforms in several countries. In the same manner, the continuous research by CDC creates a bank of knowledge and information on hitherto unknown fields in healthcare. However, challenges are normally common occurrences in the activities of CDC. These challenges revolve around various findings from the research activities and aspects relating to the funding of some of these expensive undertakings. Nevertheless, CDC is always at the forefront in addressing its fundamental objectives even amid these challenges.


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