Grade 1 Math Standards Essay

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Through performance standards design, the two systems have developed a system of conceptual nesting rather than simply relying on the more conventional system of learning tiers. Too often, in previously employed standards for mathematics performance, students advanced through their demonstrations of mathematical reasoning by moving from one tier to the next presumably more advanced tier. For instance, first graders needed to demonstrate that they could count to 100 before they began addition, or the like. The point is that the performance standard categories were treated as discrete teaching and learning units. The approach taken by the North Carolina Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards and the North Carolina Common Core state standards is integrative -- the standards do not assume that children will achieve an understanding to the numerical relationships in their instructional units. Rather, the performance standards are designed to deliberately draw and teach those relationships by coming at the constructs from any different perspectives and practical exercises.

The mathematics performance standards are part of a larger whole designed to encompass the learning requirements for students across their K-12 educational experience. These new clear and consistent state standards have been thoughtfully aligned with the expectations of higher education and the workplace. The current standards are contiguous with earlier versions of state standards, an important consideration for efficacious institutional effort in teaching and for the motivation of students. In other words, no lost time and no wasted effort results from the adoption of the new state standards.

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Moreover, the state standards have been rigorously vetted through empirical research and are informed by the global standards for mathematics. Moreover, the North Carolina Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards and the North Carolina Common Core state standards are referenced to rigorous content that focuses on application of higher order skills.


TOPIC: Essay on Grade 1 Math Standards in Assignment

On 3 June 2010, North Carolina adopted the Common Core State Standards, joining the first group of states to do so. The adoption is based in the understanding that if students are to develop deep mathematics understanding, they must move well past a follow-the-rules position to make sense of what they are doing in math.


Common Core State Standards Initiative. [Webpage]. Retrieved October 19, 2012 from

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