Grades Do Encourage Learning Term Paper

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Grades Do Encourage Learning

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and analyze the topic of education and learning. Specifically it will argue that grades do encourage learning in education. Grades do encourage learning in educational settings, because they give the student something to aim for, while assessing their learning progress in the classroom. Teachers note that grades should be used as a tool to encourage learning, rather than simply assigning a letter or number to student's work without care and forethought. Two teachers, Barbara E. Walvoord and Virginia Johnson Anderson believe grades should be assignment specific, rather than the same for every assignment and class, and that this encourages learning by making the learning models different for each assignment, which encourages children to become more involved in their assignments and learning (Walvoord and Anderson).

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Many people believe that grading is not an essential part of learning, but grades motivate most students, and encourage them to learn more to gain a better grade. In addition, grades help encourage learning by continually assessing the student's performance at certain tasks or problems, so the student knows what they need to work on and what they understand. This encourages them to work harder on tasks that are more difficult for them, which encourages learning and mastery at the same time. Two other educators note, "[M]ost students need to be shown the explicit benefits of putting forth appropriate effort on formative assessment devices" (Gusky and Bailey 31). In other words, students need to know the benefit of their learning, and grades help them see a benefit and tangible result. Once they understand how these assessment devices, like grades, can help them understand their own learning, they become more enthusiastic about assessments and learning.

Term Paper on Grades Do Encourage Learning Assignment

Some educators believe grading can never be purely objective, because teachers are human and can make errors in judgment. However, teachers learn how to develop unbiased grading criteria in their instruction, and they also come to know… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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