Graduate School: Criminal Justice Admission Essay

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Excelsior College has widened my scope of issues in criminal justice, which is essential in determining America's safety and economic wealth. I conducted a research on the program, and according to Little (2008), it was worth noting that about 80% of colleges in America offer consequent study programs in Homeland Security and Emergency Management Concentration. In addressing this academic importance, I have studied and engaged in module discussions with patent issues that concern the Criminal Justice system in America. Variety ideas and issues during the course sprung up that form the basis of my future goals towards addressing Homeland Security and Emergency Management Concentration. I am also professional equipped by my 20 years of experience in public service, U.S. Air Force and Kokomo Police Department.

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I am academically prepared to transit into Excelsior College M. Sc in Homeland Security and Emergency Management Concentration. My comprehensive understanding of graduate level study is that it is a concentrated course that anticipates quality and intense quantity of work. It provides further and deep insights into a specific study field, unlike undergraduate level study whereby a course is tackled from several fields of study. In addition, graduate school is strictly academic and professional, whereby in the former situation, one is expected to present original research in the respective discipline and in the latter, one is expected to develop vocational skills and knowledge in the concerned profession or vocation. Excelsior has enabled me to pass in all my Associate and Bachelor's by attaining a 3.50 GPA. The previous levels of study have enabled me to devise appropriate strategies and attain intellectual resources necessary in becoming a graduate. I am ready to focus on a rigorous evaluation of Criminal Justice the assistance of my lecturers and professors to be. I am also ready to present original and unique project and research works that will be assigned to me.

TOPIC: Admission Essay on Graduate School: Criminal Justice an Assignment

Distance learning has so far been successful and I believe I will undertake the same process in ensuring that I manage to succeed in attaining my Masters degree. I greatly attributed this to the efficiency of the college's website that is always updated with the necessary information that a student needs, making it convenient to study anywhere. In addition, I do have library sessions, whereby I read the recommended books by my lecturer to facilitate quick understanding and have information diversity. I am expecting to continue applying this technique while undertaking my M.Sc degree since I have not yet encountered any challenges.

I am extremely passionate in pursuing a M. Sc in Criminal justice Administration, however, I am also equipped with managerial and business skills that have seen me occupy positions of Employment Specialist, Job Coach, Customer Service Representative and Sales and Marketing Representative. I am confident proclaiming that my journey pursuing the Masters degree will be self-driven by the intellect I obtain and my unrelenting will. I am optimistic that America needs intellectuals to deal with security surges. In addition, it is upon my determination that I will help erode vestiges of injustice, offer equal attainable justice to the mentally and physically challenged and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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