Grameen Project (Bank) Essay

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Contrary to the positions espoused by most world economic and banking institutions, the Grameen project views population growth much differently. Yunus and the Grameen project do not necessarily view population growth as a negative factor in a nation or society's attempt to escape poverty and that, in fact, is some ways population growth can be a positive. Yunus points out that one of the side benefits of the Grameen project is that it serves to limit population growth as more and more women enter the workforce, become better educated, and recognize that they have a purpose other than reproduction, child care, and maintaining a home.

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The Grameen project has been criticized for placing thousands of individuals in debt that they otherwise would not have had but such criticism ignores the fact that these same individuals were afforded an opportunity that they otherwise would not have had but for the Grameen project. Other bank and economic development institutions such as the World Bank and IMF have failed to connect with the poor at the grass roots level that the Grameen project has. Such organizations are bureaucratic top heavy and lack the capacity to connect with those who need the money. An important consideration is that the small loan amounts that the Grameen project handles not only minimize the risk to the lending institution but also are small enough so as to not discourage the borrower. The individuals involved in the operation of the Grameen project are encouraged by the employees of the project to believe that they are capable of repaying the loan and are carefully monitored to assist them in their efforts to succeed. Such support and encouragement has not historically been provided by other world economic relief and development organizations.

The success of the Grameen project has been remarkable provided its sphere of operation. It has provided encouragement in some of the world's poorest regions and has done so in a way that is truly unique.

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