Grant Program Proposal Thesis

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IDSA Grant Proposal

International Development for Social Awareness (IDSA), in San Juan, Texas has the ultimate goal of developing a program that will allow a limited number of participants each year to travel to a sponsor nation to help the nation/region and the individual to gain knowledge and experience regarding social issues and to help advocate for social change in an international setting.

The program is affiliated with the University of Texas-Pan American, supporting overall Values and Vision, with adjunct participation from several key departments at UTPA interested in increasing global awareness, including currently members of staff faculty and students in the International Studies Department, the Social Work, Nursing and Business Departments, as well as several collaborative community groups, business sponsors, interested community members and local political leaders. The U.S. Department of Education (UDE) is also in support of the program though the IDSA is a separate entity, from UTPA and the UDE that will focus on not only students (at all levels) but can include faculty, staff and at large community members seeking to develop greater international awareness, improve personal growth and help promote change.

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The problem at hand is the lack of identifiable and accessible programs that foster international awareness and stewardship in an increasingly global environment, for all members of society, as apposed to only student (usually graduate level) institution sponsored programs and faculty directed sabbatical/visiting scholar programs. Creating a program, to mirror the goals of those associated with institution sponsored programs that will focus on any individual seeking such an experience will help foster growth of global awareness secondary to educational attainment.

Proposed participants (10 per year) will gain greater knowledge of cultural and social diversity, simultaneously conducting filed research to promote awareness and elicit collaborative solutions for identified changes concurrently building individual maxims, such as leadership skills, awareness and management skills.

TOPIC: Thesis on Grant Program Proposal Assignment

Methods for the attainment of participants as well as identification of locations will focus on financial and social need as well as desire to elicit change in an international arena. Students will be required to have and prove a GPA of 3.5 (for grad students) and 3.2 (for undergraduate students) faculty, staff and at large community members will apply utilizing different criteria. The IDSA will also collaborate and compile and hold an International Social Awareness Seminar, supported heavily by UTPA and other interested groups and individuals noted above, to which all interested individuals and groups will be invited, from the greater Rio Grand Valley, to foster greater awareness of current international social awareness issues and promote application of individuals and ideas for international community locations and projects and to promote the inclusion of these current international issues in classroom curriculum.

IDSA is requesting funding from both private and federal sources in the amount of 500,000 to implement the program for 2 years, applying only limited funds to administration and development and most funding to provide travel, equipment and living expenses for participants of the program and the identified social and physical support changes for needy international locals.


The executive officers of IDSA recognized the need for the development of an organization that would assist not just post graduate students and faculty of educational institutions to expand global awareness. In many cases the development of such awareness comes at a heavy economic and social price that is outside the reach of many individuals in the community, yet with a growing global society the need has never been greater. After recognizing an extreme social need the organization began to develop networking first within University of Texas Pan-America to help facilitate and administer potential programming by attempting to alleviate redundancy, with a greater awareness of the existing programs and what is missing from them. The UTPA is in full support of the organization offering both time and individual expertise from many departments and through existing credentials and contacts additional expert or novice support from the community. Within this context the organization developed a core group of essential experts and interested community members and member organizations that include university educators, interested qualified students, interested community members, community groups, business and sponsor groups and local political leaders from the Greater Rio Grande Valley, all supported and/or members of UTPA departments of International Studies, Social Work, Nursing and Business and other interested department members. With this collaborative affiliation with UTPA the program Committee of IDSA was introduced to interested parties at the U.S. Department of Education who are now willing to demonstrate support for the program and possibly help seek granting to begin this two-year pilot project. With these collaborative organizations and the development of a plan for a yearly social awareness conference detailing topics such as; researching international issues with a focus on improving people's quality of life and addressing injustices, non-governmental organizations participation opportunity, international social awareness, international travel guideline information and student participation experience. With yearly social awareness conferences it is realistic to assume that greater networking and larger scale lists of sponsors and interested individual experts and participants will further the organization and provide it greater focus and vision. The increased involvement of individuals at UTPA, the USDE, interested faculty and experts from the community at large the qualifications and credentials of this already impressive social awareness organization will improve as will additional match funding for follow up years of development, beyond the two-year pilot project.

Problem Statement

As has been noted the problem at hand is the lack of identifiable and accessible programs that foster international awareness and stewardship in an increasingly global environment, for all members of society. As apposed to support for only student (usually graduate level) institution sponsored programs and faculty directed sabbatical/visiting scholar programs or religious service learning programs. In a sense the design and implementation fo the program would facilitate secular missions of service and awareness building that would increase individual awareness of global social and cultural issues and identification of needed social change issues that could be developed and worked to completion through a series of consecutive terms. The program recognizes that many interested community members fall short of the economic and personal ability to facilitate such traveling educational projects without support from a member organization. Though some individual scholarships/sponsorships are available they tend to be offered by existing organizations with specific goals that may or may not coincide with the individuals' interest or desires for cultural learning and vision. This program would most specifically target minority (Latin American) individuals to seek out and complete international learning experiences, but would not be isolated to such individuals for the purpose of gaining personal experience in global issues and helping them become better able to facilitate change in an international and local setting, through research, awareness, experience and social action projects. There are likely hundreds of interested students, faculty and staff as well as at large community members in the Rio Grande Valley and elsewhere who would be interested in working for change in an international arena, rather than simply studying abroad or working for specific goals already developed by another organization with a particular mission that may or may not match their vision and learning goals. Within this group there are likely many who would qualify to receive IDSA support of travel funding and equipment and supply support to facilitate change in an international arena.

The recognition of this need was fully researched by developing program committee individual and support awareness of how and what the visions and goals of existing programs are to ensure the limitation of redundancy and offer a novel experience for participants and identified locals in need of assistance with everything from workers rights advocacy, to infrastructural improvements and adaptations such as the building of schools, or even the simple development of programs that sponsor minor ages students in their ability to obtain school uniforms and school supplies or transportation and housing for school attendance. The unfortunate aspect of individual financial and personal/familial obligations often strikes those who are in greatest need of international global experiences for the development of a broader cultural and social awareness. Without such a program many qualifying individuals, and especially non-students would be unlikely and unable to support an individual secular mission to obtain such knowledge and develop as complete globally aware individuals. Funding for local education is available to many of these students on a national level but international awareness experiences are much more difficult to find and support and create, as individuals. Supporting such individuals in this quest is the ultimate goal of IDSA.


Stepping away from the idealized idea of the program the objectives of this organization, in measurable terms are specific to the development of global international awareness through a small group of people expanding and broadening their social and cultural exposures and awareness. Supporting individual missions of change is a relatively simple and economical resolution to the problem of the growing divide between the moderate to minimal income individuals in the U.S., who are either unaffiliated to higher education, seeking greater experiences prior to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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