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Graphic Designers Classification

While many people might feel that they know or understand what a graphic designer does, few people will be able to articulate the full scope and depth of this position. Various experts and institutions have worked hard to aptly define this profession, and the reality, is that the profession is aptly defined by a melee of definitions. "The Graphic Designer is a broad classification with three position skill levels. Positions in this classification are responsible for the artistic and graphic design and creation of print and multimedia materials. Incumbents use both design and production elements to organize ideas visually to convey the desired impact and message to the target audience" ( This aspect of the definition is absolutely correct: one of the main objectives of the sheer function of the graphic designer is to impact the spectator with their stylistic choices. On the other hand, other experts define a graphic designer as a professional who engages in a "communication language that combines typography, illustration, photography and printing for the purpose of transmitting a given message, which may be of a varied nature, such as institutional, commercial, political…" (Consuegra, 280). In reality, a hybrid of both definitions truly is the most accurate. Graphic designers above all communicate and to communicate effectively, they really need to be able to move the viewer into feeling something when their work is looked at.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Graphic Designers Assignment

However, the definitions, separate and combined, of a graphic designer are indeed broad and that's because within this specific field are a range of classifications. First of all, there are the graphic designers who work in publishing and entertainment. This type of graphic designers work in a large selection of jobs, often ones which require print expertise, developing graphics for the web and flash animation ( For print companies, a graphic designer will need to be able to engage in heavy typesetting jobs, layout work, photo manipulation and other tasks ( "In the entertainment sector, television and film companies employ graphic designers to produce on-screen graphics, including motion graphics for credit and title sequences. Designers are also often responsible for creating printed and Web-based promotional materials" (

Another classification of graphic designers are the ones that work for advertising agencies. Places like this are generally fun to work, though they can be extremely demanding as the client have high expectations and this can put a strain on everyone who works for the company ( Graphic designers have to offer up creative solutions for brand strategies, design, production and media buying services for all forms of media, forcing such designers to be able to work on a wide range of projects ( These types… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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