Great Expectations" and "The Sun Essay

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The themes in the story include love, loyalty, the importance of; loyalty and love in relationships. There is an underlying theme of innocence, ambition, and growth. One can sense the desire to improve oneself on numerous levels, as well as picture the importance of class standing and wealth.

The motifs are the same as stated early on in this comparative. And the symbols contained in the reading include; the stopped clocks at Satis House symbolize Miss Havisham's attempt to stop time; the many objects relating to crime and guilt (gallows, prisons, handcuffs, policemen, lawyers, courts, convicts, chains, files) symbolize the theme of guilt and innocence; Satis House represents the upper-class world to which Pip longs to belong. Bentley Drummle represents the grotesque caprice of the upper class; Joe represents conscience, affection, loyalty, and simple good nature; the marsh mists represent danger and ambiguity (, 2005).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Great Expectations" & "The Sun Assignment

In the reading of "Great Expectations" & "The Sun Also Rises," one may concur that both narrators are on opposites ends of the spectrum when comparing their reliability. In Great Expectations the main, character Pip is the narrator. Pip is considered a reliable source in the novel, on the other hand in " the Sun Also Rises" the narrator Jake Barnes is not viewed as a reliable source, there are scenes in the reading where it appears that one is not given all necessary information, as if to put the narrator in a better light in the reading overall. One main difference in the story detail is in the form of speech. Another correlation between the two books is the dramatic depictions of scenes and emotions throughout the readings. These two stories come together to show the fantastic writing ability of both writers in their own right. Both stories give a life lesson that needs learning. In Great Expectation, one learns that wealth should not define a person, which should not be an indicator of wealth on any level. In The Sun Also Rises, one sees that sometimes there are lessons that may take a lifetime t o learn, but they will be learned. It is important to face ones fears and stand for what you believe and feel. In both readings, there is a realization of life, a change in perspective, and an understanding of love and where it fits into the whole scheme of things.

It is easy to see why Jake is portrayed as an unreliable source. With Jake telling the story from his perspective, he has the ability to leave important information out if he sees fit to do so. So one is left questioning the true validity of his words. It is easy to think that Jake speaks in order to put himself in the best possible light and make the other characters either appear insignificant or at fault for the occurrences in the storyline. The reader must decide what to make of the characters without letting Jake form their opinion.

In the Sun Also Rises, the book has been broken down into three parts that are distinctly separate from the others. In the beginning of the reading the scenes is Paris, and here all the major characters are introduced to the reader. The second part takes place in Spain, here the reader experiences what the characters go through as life "happens" and decisions must be made to determine where to go from here. Part three takes place in Madrid where the whole story comes together to form the amazing plot that takes place in the story. There is a constant movement from place to place in The Sun Also Rises, where in Great Expectations the movement really deals with class standing and wealth.

The protagonist in The Sun Also Rises is Jake, there are numerous conflicts with the other characters; like with Lady Brett Ashley. Jake loses numerous friendships and has his life repeatedly disrupted because of his loyalty to Brett, who has a destructive series of love affairs with other men. The climax of the story takes place when Cohn beats up Mike and Jake, and afterward Pedro Romero. The themes in the reading include; the lack of purpose of the Lost Generation, male lack of confidence; the destructiveness of sex. There are various motifs throughout the reading that include; the breakdown of communication; extreme drinking, and bogus friendships.

It is amazing when one really understands and can appreciate the writing styles of the respective authors. Each has there own style that brings the work to life and allows the reader to create a vivid picture of the story in one's imagination. A question still stands after the book has concluded. So, what was that all about? What does that really mean. One can assume that they both mean that life happens. That at some point one has to put all learning and experiences into perspective and grow from that point. There must be a learning curve, a point where one realizes that there is need for change and growth in a new direction. In Great Expectations that learning was that, wealth should not define what type of person you are, nor should it define how you view others. Instead, realize that one is fortunate and appreciate all that one has. In the Sun Also Rises, the lesson is that ideals often take so much time to be realized that there may be a chance that the opportunity is no longer afforded to one due to lake of knowledge or just being stubborn. After reading both books it is easy to conclude, that the one thing they both maintain in common is a life lesson. One must fall in order to learn how to get up and prevent ones self from falling again. Only through a life of trial and error can one truly appreciate all that one has or will have in the future.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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