Greek Mythology - Atlas Thesis

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Greek Mythology - Atlas

Mythology can be defined as the human attempt to explain the world. The earliest attempts at creating myths were generally based upon the fear of the unknown, according to Hamilton (15). The dark unknown was filled with danger and death, and both mythology and ancient religion reflect this.

Hamilton however notes that this changed with the advance of Greek civilization. Civilization at the time meant that the world was no longer mysterious or dark. Human beings gained the faculty of knowledge and the ability to explore and investigate. According to the author, this was a time during which human beings became the center of the world for the first time. The Greeks demonstrated this by creating gods and goddesses "in their own image" (Hamilton 15); something that had not been done in mythology before.

This idea reiterates Ken Dowden's (53) assertion that the purpose of myth is to establish "people, places and things." Investigating the mythology of ancient Greece therefore connects Western society not only to the cultural paradigms of that time and culture, but also how these impact society today. In this way, human beings can connect with the roots of the cultural paradigms within which we live today.

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The story of the Titan Atlas is an example of Greek Mythology that survives to date. According to Mike Dixon-Kennedy (58), Atlas was born as a second-generation Titan. He was the son of Iapetus and Clymene, and his brothers were Prometheus and Epimetheus. He was also the father of the Pleiades, Hyades and Hesperides. Atlas's name appropriately means "much enduring."

TOPIC: Thesis on Greek Mythology - Atlas Mythology Can Be Assignment

The myth behind Atlas dates from the war between the Titans and the gods. According the Greek mythology, the Titans were the first rulers of he earth. The Olympian Gods engaged in a battle with the Titans to take over the earth's rulership. While the gods banished most of the Titans after defeating them, a few remained. Atlas was one of them. For his leading role in helping the Titans in the war, Atlas was punished by the task of holding the sky on his shoulders. This task itself… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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