Term Paper: Green Developmentalism, Its Concepts

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[. . .] They term green developmentalism as a way of re-politicizing nature since it has been resituated in social and ecological space and time.

The author deals with nature and how it can be commoditized. The author terms nature as a commodity such that natural entities and processes can be made exchangeable through markets. For nature to succeed in markets there has to be privatization and commoditization of all aspects of nature from molecules to mountains, from human tissues to the earth's atmosphere. Nature can hence be viewed on the basis of a global environmental economic structure that reduces organisms and ecosystems to their fungible components and a monetary price assigned to them which is calculated in reference to actual or hypothetical markets to the components. Through this natural resources can be prioritized and their international exchange managed. The ability to price nature has therefore mad nature possible to survive in the world market. The author has also termed nature as a commodity that can sustain itself. Therefore nature forms the centre of the article and how it is viewed on different aspects and the institutions that come into play when it comes to dealing with nature. The benefits accrued from nature and how important nature is to economic development globally.

The author also talks of three forms of power and how they interplay in terms of green developmentalism. These forms of power are discursive power of the post-neoliberal environmental economic structure, the institutional power of the World Bank and other environmental institutions and lastly the economic power of advanced capitalist states and transnational corporations. There is an intricate interplay of all these forms of power and how they are relevant in terms of green developmentalism as depicted in the article.

A question that occurs to me while reading the article is if nature can really be quantified and valuated in monetary terms. If put in monetary terms is the real value of nature maintained or does its valuation go down when it is put in terms of money. Can nature really be viewed as a commodity without tampering with its real value and when exchanged in the world market can its value be lost in the process?

The article relates to my life since through the article I have changed the way I perceive nature and therefore will be keen on how to conserve nature. Taking care of nature starts with an individual and hence everyone has the obligation to do so that is inclusive of as… [END OF PREVIEW]

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