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[. . .] The Center for American Progress goes onto conclude that the country needs to "kick the oil addiction by investing in clean-energy reform to reduce oil demand, while taking steps to curb global warming" (Lefton, and Weiss).

Furthermore, the issue of global warming is also a growing concern in modern day society. The increased greenhouse emissions from fossil fuels as well as the act of drilling for oil increases global warming, which has many detrimental effects on the world including, the increase of temperature on the earth and rising sea levels which will both have a detrimental impact on the world's natural resources, land masses and ecosystems ("Time for Change" ). Without alternatives to fossil fuels, the depletion of the earth that human beings live off of for sustenance will occur at a rapid rate, and create a less than optimal environment for the future. To that end, green energy must be researched and developed at a more rapid rate in order to halt and reverse the progression of global warming.

Wind energy, electric energy, hydrogen energy, among others are all possible alternative solutions to the oil dependency. With increased development of these technologies the economic woes of our nation can be altered as well as the environmental issues that America, and the world as an entity. To that end, green energy is something that needs to be explored so that America can strive to be like Sweden and create a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment for the future of the world.

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