Green Housing Building a Green Home Term Paper

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Green Housing

Building a green home building business: skills, capabilities, experience


Communication skills are vital in the home building industry, particularly the green home building industry. An individual must be able to communicate why a green home has financial and aesthetic value to prospective buyers. He or she must also be able to work well with suppliers and bargain a fair deal on input goods and prices. Negotiation and time management are essential in coordinating the various actors involved in home building to do a good job, and a timely job. So is budgeting and writing an effective business plan.


Multitasking is essential -- an individual must be able to deal with suppliers as well as sell homes at the same time. An individual in the industry must be able to balance cost and affordability with genuinely environmentally-friendly technology. A balance of aesthetics and environmentalism is also important when creating a home's design. A green home builder must know how to provide added financial as well as ethical value that is better than his or her competitors, even those in the standard home-building industry.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Green Housing Building a Green Home Building Assignment

An individual should be well-versed in different types of mortgages, and the home buying and building industry. This requires a background in business, real estate, and some financial training. He or she should also know about outside elements that affect supply and demand in the industry, such as seasonal changes in demand, property values, quality of schools in the area, availability of credit, and what makes a house attractive to different market demographics. A high level of comfort… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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