Research Proposal: Green Housing Marketplace the Economic and Financial

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Green Housing Marketplace

The economic and financial crisis that characterizes today's world and the prior circumstances of its establishment has determined significant changes in the housing sector. For example, the traditional construction sector has slowed down, while green housing is currently experiencing a boom period (McLaughlin, 2007).

As a consequence, the green construction sector's rapid growth and development has led to increased competition among the companies that provide green construction services, especially global ones, but also among raw materials suppliers (Carlton, 2007).

The evolution of the housing market competition is a normal one. The high prices of traditional housing that many individuals cannot afford during the crisis and the financial advantages provided by green housing have determined more and more customers to address this type of construction.

In a market with many buyers, it was only natural that the number of competing companies would increase. This is very helpful for buyers, since increased competition leads to reduced prices. This way, green housing intensifies its advantages.

The core competencies of large construction companies are numerous. They include: experience, highly skilled and trained personnel, a series of innovations they have managed to develop and implement.

Large construction companies have a worldwide experience that recommends them for projects regarding green housing. Their tradition in the industry is proof of their abilities and competencies in the field. It is quite difficult for customers to trust a new, small construction company that may have lower prices, but it does not have the experience required by such construction projects.

The human resources employed by large companies are probably the most important resource and competence the customers can benefit from. The financial status of large construction companies allows them to select… [END OF PREVIEW]

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