Green Roofs and Living Wall Article Review

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Green Roofs Living Walls

Green Roofs and Living Walls

Societal Attitudes

Taking a look at the definition of Environmentalism to open this discussion will support the title by explaining a but of what "Green Roofs and Living Walls "is not. The term is described as "persons or groups that have come together to advocate the sustainability of natural resources along with the essential stewardship environments by encouraging changes of public policies and individualistic behaviors" (Webecoist, 2008).

Furthermore, it is "recognizing that our humanity is not an enemy of ecosystems" but a partner. Environmentalism is a movement that has its roots in health, human rights, and ecology (Webecoist, 2008). This is an adequate opening to support the pattern of interest in Green living presented by the WebEcoist (2008). The source WebEcoist came about while seeking an understanding of the subject of environmentalism which is necessary in order to appreciate a practical look at modern day roofing and wall construction. Illuminating how natural roofing can improve the health of individuals, while providing an ecosystem whereby anyone can contribute to the longevity through their habitat.

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With issues such as global warming and pollution looming in the headlines, it is wise to consider how to change societal attitudes toward environmentalism. Not by demanding everyone through out their modern day possessions or behaviors, but by introducing new ways to include Green friendly alternatives. When exploring causes of global warming or pollution, authors present a viable argument in re-evaluating building materials used in the many high rise buildings in the big cities such as New York and Chicago, in Chicago Green Roofs (, 2011). Incorporating a partnership between natural living and big city dwelling is to introduce "Green Roofs and Living Wall" concepts as a 'way of life' as mentioned in Enviroscapes Northwest (2009).

History and Culture

Article Review on Green Roofs and Living Wall's Assignment

Now that an introduction has been given of what Environmentalism is, it's simpler to translate why and the history behind the movement. Amazingly, the movement started in the early 19th century by American authors such as Henry David Thoreau and even President's such as Teddy Roosevelt (Webecoist, 2008). Henry David Thoreau was one of many transcendentalists that showed and wrote about an appreciation of nature in his book "Maine Woods" (Webecoist, 2011). Teddy Roosevelt first approved the setting apart of lands such as Yosemite and establishment of national parks in 1916 (Webecoist, 2008). Ancient civilizations have incorporated Green living as early as the times of Babylon as mentioned by Chicago Green Roofs where the 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon' incorporated natural roofing and gardens (2011).

What are "Green Roofs"

In describing 'Green Roofs' specifically, advocate building roofs of sod and natural materials that grow green plants, even gardens to conserve heat with insulation during winter. In the same manner saving energy and costs associated with cooling homes, through natural means in warmer seasons and climates according to Chicago Green Roofs (2011). In fact this article also provides evidence from actual building projects by architects such as Ricardo Bofill and Gunnar Birkerts (Chicago Green Roofs, 2011). Taking the movement of Environmentalism mentioned at the beginning a step further than history previously to the incorporating it into the daily lives of humanity. Consider the materials used that are biodegradable, recyclable, and can even provide food when planting involves vegetables and herbs. The types of techniques 'extensive' require a soil base of sand, gravel, and brick that can provide an eco-friendly environment for growing rooftop plants. The second technique called intensive allows for deeper planting for trees and larger plants that could be used for larger areas of roofing for a larger ecosystem Chicago Green Roofs (2011).

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