Green Technology Jim Lorick Term Paper

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Green Technology

Term Paper on Green Technology Jim Lorick Discusses the Economic Assignment

Jim Lorick discusses the economic ramifications and implications of environmentalism in his article "Green Technology." According to Lorick, "green," or environmentally sound, technologies are one of the market's latest trends. Green technology can include anything from energy-saving appliances to solar paneling to alternative fuel sources. The market has shifted toward a greater demand for high environmental standards, at least in first-world nations. Public policies are beginning to reflect the growing trend in green technology. At the moment only wealthy individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments can afford to make the shift from "dirty" to "green" technologies. However, future payoffs for implementing environmental technologies will be great. If companies are willing to invest even small amounts of money into developing or implementing green technologies, then they will reap the financial rewards a few years down the line. Many companies are not willing, ready, or able to take the risk. Moreover, there is considerable debate about which technologies are truly "green," and which are ultimately going to be financially or environmentally feasible. Many organizations and governmental bodies are already… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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