Greenart Inc. Leap's Frog Sculpture Competition Term Paper

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Term Paper on Greenart Inc. Leap's Frog Sculpture Competition Green Assignment

Frog's Leap Sculpture Walk is an art event that will be held in Melbourne Australia by Green Art Incorporated from mid January 2009 - March 2009 in the Royal Botanic Garden. There is no entry fee for artists wishing to enter into the sculpture competition. The focus of this project is to provide support to artists in Melbourne, Australia and to promote the city of Melbourne's image as a 'garden city'. Competitions will be promoted to artists through the educational institution and via media including magazines, posters, and radio announcements. Each artist will enter into a contract with Green Art Incorporated and will be provided with $300.00 to cover the costs of the artist's material used for the sculpture. Each artist will agree to hand in his or her creation to Green Art Inc.'s warehouse. GreenArt is a non-profit organization with a stated mission focused on initiating and supporting the ongoing development of environmentally and culturally aware projects in urban and regional Australia. GreenArt was founded by Danielle Kwan, Juliani Kusmaningrum, and Sarah Crock in 2007. GreenArt seeks to support artists in the production and exhibition of art and to encourage the participation of the public in the arts in their daily lives. GreenArt also desires to integrate art, culture and nature and promote indigenous art and culture while heightening awareness of environmental issues. Finally, GreenArt seeks to generate interest about art and challenge the thought of the public concerning art as a cultural medium. GreenArt also seeks to generate funds and awareness for the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology (ARCUE). The primary concern of the Frog's Leap project is the Urban Arts sector and anticipates that both professional and amateur artists will participate in this event. Following the Royal Botanic Gardens exhibition in Melbourne, the Frog's Leap project will travel through Victoria for twelve months. Participation is possible on all levels in the Frog's Leap project in that professionals and amateurs are both encouraged to enter into the sculpture competition and corporation may be involved through entering into a partnership with the project through providing incentives to staff and clients. The public may become involved through visiting the exhibition as well as may tourists during their visit to Australia. Involvement of companies and corporations in the role of sponsorship will serve as an emphasis of that organization's 'green consciousness' which is a vital concern during the present climate change and is viewed by consumers as a desirable trait which facilitates consumer approval and commitment to a company and its' product. This should be greatly emphasized in seeking sponsorships for this event.


1. Event Schedule: GreenArt in collaboration with the supporters and contributors to this project will announce the Frog's Leap sculpture competition on March 26, 2008 and will close entrance to the competition on April 26th, 2008. The aims of this competition are to engage and encourage participation of professional and emerging artists including individuals of diverse backgrounds and cultures in demonstrating the creative potential of recycled and reusable materials in art design and creation. Distribution of Commission to participating artists is scheduled for May 10th, 2008 and completion of sculptures will be scheduled for December 1, 2008. The event will be launched on the 16th of January 2009 at the Royal Botanic Gardens Terrace with guest performances by Delta Goodrem, Tripod, Rove McManus, This Side Up and Magda Szubanski. The guest list will include winning artists, judges, performing celebrities and their entourage, corporate sponsors, ARCUE board members, Government ministers, Media and GreenArt, Inc. The judging panel for the Frog's Leap sculpture competition will be Nicola Downer AM, Community Interest Representative of the Australian Council; Jane Scott, Director of Monash Gallery of Fine Art; and Mark McDonnell, Director of ARCUE. Events will include Tours and Workshops with nightly tours as well as Podcast Tour Guidance. Educational Activities will include aboriginal story-telling and environmental education. Creative workshops offered will include dot painting and sculpture-making using recycled materials. There will be merchandise offered for sale at the event including catalogues, t-shirts, mugs, badges, caps and pens.

2. Operations: GreenArt Incorporated with work directly with the project coordinator who will in turn collaborate with the programme coordinator, the sales manager, and the judging panel. Possible suppliers identified include the following suppliers, business types, and needs that would be supplied by these businesses.

Supplier Business Type


Linfox Logistics Sculpture Transport

GreenArt Project Directors Warehousing of frogs

Harry the Hirer Equipment hire Semi-permanent structures

The Terrace Restaurant Launch party venue

The Terrace Restaurant Catering

Domain Chandon Winery Alcohol

Impress Printers Printing brochures, catalogues, posters

Eckersleys Art Supplies Workshop art supplies

ING Insurance

Crock Lawyers Legal Advice

Country Road Manufacturing Frog Merchandise

GreenArt Project Directors Web & art design

Australia Post Postal needs

Gerard Corporation Manufacturing Lighting, infrastructure

Optus Communications

Apple Mac Technology iPods

Edward W. Kelley Professional services Evaluation assistance

3. Sponsors & Partners: Through media sources, including magazines, posters, and radio announcements, as well as through personal contact with potential sponsors, GreenArt and others involved in this project will reach out to seek sponsorship. The different levels of sponsorship and the privileges accompanying each sponsorship levels are as follows:

Gold Frog Sponsorship ($50,000)

Naming rights for entire project

Sponsor's logo on all advertising materials (posters, print media, flags etc.)

Sponsor's logo on plaques attached to frog sculptures

Recognition in all event-related publications (official catalogue, brochure, press release etc.)

Permission to use Frog's Leap logo and images for marketing and promotional purposes

Artist talk and creative workshop for up to 20 staff

Copy of Frog's Leap catalogue

Discount on purchase of Frog's Leap official merchandise

10 invitations to Frog's Leap launch party in January 2009

Silver Frog Sponsorship ($20,000)

Recognition in all event-related publications (official catalogue, brochure, press release etc.) and on Frog's Leap website

Links on Frog's Leap website to sponsor's site

Permission to use Frog's Leap logo and images for marketing and promotional purposes

Discount on creative workshop for staff

Copy of Frog's Leap catalogue

Discount on purchase of Frog's Leap official merchandise invitations to Frog's Leap launch party in January 2009

Green Frog Sponsorship ($1,000)

Recognition of sponsor on plaque attached to a particular frog sculpture

Copy of Frog's Leap catalogue

Discount on purchase of Frog's Leap official merchandise invitations to Frog's Leap launch party in January 2009

GreenArt Incorporated has identified potential partners and sponsors of the Leap's Frog sculpture competition event to be the Australia Council, Arts Victoria, ABaF Philanthropy Australia, the City of Melbourne, Tourism Victoria, Melbourne Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Moonlight Cinema, Sofitel, Yarra Trams, Pink Lady Chocolates, Fox FM, Channel Ten, SDA Communications, Westpac, Optus, KPMG, and the Australia Post.

4. Marketing Plan: The target audience for advertising and marketing will be traditional family life, conventional family life, young optimists, and those who are socially aware. Competing events occurring at the same time of the Frog's Leap event are those as follows:

Australian Open

Australian F1 Grand Prix

FCA Melbourne Chinese New Year Festival

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Melbourne's Big Day Out Earthcore

Good Vibrations

Flickerfest International Short Film Festival

Melbourne Queer Film Festival

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

5. Pricing Strategy: The pricing strategy for the eight-week event at the Royal Botanic Garden in Melbourne, Australia has been set as follows:

Night Tour Admission

Full - $10.00

Concession - $8.00

Children - $5.00

Creative Workshops

Full - $10.00

Concession - $8.00

Children - $5.00

Artist Talk Workshops

Full - $10.00

Concession - $8.00

Children - $5.00

Storytelling Workshop

Full - Free

Concession - Free

Children - Free

6. Advertising: Advertising will include the media:

Media releases, media kits

Print advertising

The Age mX

Artlink magazine

Flyers, posters, flags, mail-outs/letterbox drops

Schools (esp. competition)

Yarra tram tickets

Moonlight Cinema

Royal Botanic Gardens & Frog's Leap websites; sponsors' websites

Channel Ten

101.9 FM the Fox radio station

7. Project Evaluation to most effectively evaluate the success of the Leap's Frog project required will be responses of the audience, the artists, the sponsors, the response of competition, the data on merchandise sales, and responses from participants in the workshops and staff responses to this event. This information will be gathered through the instruments of exit surveys, questionnaires, sales office reports, and non-requisitioned information or the portrayal of the events of the project in the media publications. The evaluation process will involve evaluation of the project in terms of the process, impact and outcomes of the project according to the affect of the process upon the participants, upon the project, or method of project management and upon the community in terms of the community's level of involvement in this project. Impact will be measured according to the affect upon the participants, and that which results from the project and the affect to the community according to what happens to or… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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