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[. . .] The question of the maintenance of some of the systems is also a factor.

There is substantial evidence that proves that emissions of greenhouse gases are causing climate change and global warming. It is a serious problem that will need strict standards to be enforced to even begin to at least put limits on the amounts of these gases emitted into the air. Strict standards that are strongly enforced with strong consequences would help in making the emissions not worth the consequences, more especially where industrial business is concerned.

Renewable energy sources may be natural alternatives, but there are still the questions of cost effectiveness and the limitations where some geographic locations would not be able to participate. Renewable energy products would create some industrial business that would build economic conditions, but the question of the affordability with initial costs of buying the products and installing them coupled with the maintenance would be out of reach for undeveloped countries as well as many in industrialized nations, even where the governments are concerned.

Setting strict standards is a more economical approach to the problem of greenhouse emissions. By setting strict standards, it not only limits the amount of greenhouse gases into the air, but also assists in raising public awareness of the environmental problems that everybody could participate in reducing the damages being done. Where the greenhouse emissions are a major factor, the questions of land and water resources also are made aware of because the damages affect all these resources. Setting strict standards and building public awareness of these issues and what each person can do to limit them is more cost effective for society as a whole, even on a global basis.


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