Gregory Reyes, Corporate Director Mentor-Protege Essay

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I have developed core competencies in procurement, scheduling, budgeting, and supervision that have direct application to procurement processes and policy positions development. I wish to emphasize that my oversight experience in the military was based on my ability to resolve critical problems and develop new approaches in such areas as transportation management and the exacting standards of LOGCAPIII.

The opportunity to implement the agency's leadership and vision for sound public policy related to the nation's food, agriculture, and natural resources compels me to pursue this position as a significant member of the Department's executive team. My experience with the Department of Defense's best business practices and my varied management expertise, I am confident that I can provide authoritative expert technical advice and guidance and successfully coordinate policy implementation for the Procurement Department.

Thank you in advance for reviewing my credentials.




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Course Reflections

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1. I believe that taking this course has dramatically improved my knowledge about effective business communication. As I review my work, I can see how my skills have been enhanced and my overall ability to tackle business writing has risen to a new level. I can honestly say that I am pleased with my participation and engagement in the coursework, and the difference between the quality of my business writing prior to the course and after completing the course is considerable.

Essay on Gregory Reyes, Corporate Director Mentor-Protege Assignment

2. I believe my work in the class has been quite good, and if improvement is a marker for effort, I have demonstrated that I put in the time needed to truly understand the course content and objectives. I have worked hard to ensure that my learning has been consistent with my expectations. The only thing that I would perhaps have done differently -- as I believe it would have given me even more opportunities to learn -- would be to routinely write several drafts of the assignments from different perspectives. Often, I would find that once I started down a track, I would focus on improving that particular version. While that is an effective strategy, and a necessary one for any writer, it limited my learning opportunities. Unfortunately, time constraints sometimes make this approach the default but, in the future, knowing this about myself will help me to more aggressively schedule time to explore different ways to approach a business communication task.

3. I find writing a cover letter to be the most challenging of all the topics we have covered. Not only is it a message of persuasion, but it must encapsulate all the important things about who a person is as a candidate for employment, while being careful to convey confidence without hubris. I also found the information interview to be something that I would practice -- when it doesn't count or matter -- because this is an excellent opportunity to delve into face-to-face communication with people who very often are highly skilled at just that. I suppose that this is one of the benefits of networking, too, as the informal venue leaves one free to try different ways of approaching people and different ways of talking about themselves and their skills but avoiding any off-putting remarks or mannerisms.

4. From a pragmatic position, I could say that my learning in this course could best be measured by the number of interviews I am invited to, the number of successful meetings I am able to schedule, the number of times I am able to obtain a raise, and the like. But I believe the undergirding measure is that of confidence. Though business communication challenges will always present themselves over the course of my career -- and even in my efforts to be an active community member and citizen -- I now have a menu of ways to approach those challenges and am confident of my ability to successfully do so. Sometimes the measure of improvement is not the outcome, but the quality of the process -- in this present economy, I think that is an important thing to remember.

5. I believe that I have successfully met all the course objectives: I have written each type of message and identified where and how I could strengthen those messages. I have written well-formed (and short!) emails. I have used models of persuasion to help me create my business messages. I have demonstrated that I can identify unethical methods of persuasion -- a skill that has been solidly boosted by my military training. I can create all of the types of business messages that we have studied, including memos, emails, presentations, resumes, and letters, including the elusive cover letter. I have demonstrated my ability to evaluate and improve PowerPoint presentations -- and when to avoid them. I have conducted an information interview and have plans to continue with those. I am now… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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