Grossman, J.M., Cross, D.A., Boukus Article Review

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Pharmacists also noted physician errors such as refusing to renew a prescription medication, and then immediately re-filing a new request for the same medication and patient, thereby defeating the purpose of the system. In addition to physician barriers to use, patients also struggle with the electronic systems offering cryptic data on proper use of medications.

This article accurately captures the resistance to employing electronic medical records on a large scale in the United States, which is woefully behind other nations in adopting electronic medical records systems. More research like this is required to point out how physicians can become more amenable to using electronic systems like e-prescriptions. When the barriers to use are identified scientifically, as in this qualitative research, systems designers can create e-prescription software that better serves the end-user populations. Small adaptations to the software and/or hardware can ensure that all physicians are on board with using the systems, which have the potential to reduce medical errors and improve patient outcomes.

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However, improving the nature of the systems themselves is not the most important means of increasing the use of electronic medical records. Resistance to use among physicians is a problem that is endemic in the organizational culture. Attitudes toward electronic medical records are poor, and changing those attitudes comes from altering medical school education. Electronic medical records use should become as commonplace as the scalpel. Research such as this is a necessary component of changing the overall attitude and organizational culture.


Article Review on Grossman, J.M., Cross, D.A., Boukus, Assignment

Grossman, J.M., Cross, D.A., Boukus, E.R. & Cohen, G. (2011). Transmitting and processing electronic prescriptions: experiences of physician practices and pharmacies. Journal of the American Medical Association. Doi:10.1136/amiajnl-2011-000515 [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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