How a Group Can Become a High Performance Team Term Paper

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¶ … Group Can Become a High-Performance Team

Becoming a high-performance team basically depends on the following two components.

The effort of every team member to achieve his tasks with accuracy and good quality.

The effectiveness of teamwork where harmonious and efficient collaboration among the team members must be met.

In every team works, the standard objective is to accomplish the group's task with quality that is done in a harmonious process of work collaboration among team members. The success of this goal depends mostly on the attitude, behavior, and work relationship that creates and surrounds a group.

Of course, the skills and knowledge possessed by every member is also important for a team to become high-performance. Although it is among the foremost factors, however, it must be paired with good work relationship and good work collaboration. A member who possesses good skills and wide knowledge would be a useful element to a team if he can share his strengths to his team colleagues. It is incorrect to have a notion that having skillful and intelligent team members is already enough to make a team to work right. This belief is the reason why most teams, despite of the competent members they have, fail to achieve their goals. It must be regarded that the existence of knowledgeable members in a team must be complemented with cooperation. A team should establish one common goal. This is the most general slogan that successful teams adhere to. According to Affinity Consulting Online,

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Attracting and retaining key people, while important, does not necessarily mean that high performance automatically follows. You need to get people working in teams...high performing teams.

To attain this goal of becoming a high-performance team, a good team management also comes in the scene.

Building a High-Performance Team with an Effective Team Management

TOPIC: Term Paper on How a Group Can Become a High Performance Team Assignment

With the emergence of advanced technologies, it became an acceptable and widespread strategy in many organizations to employ teamwork in their business operations. This is particularly apparent within organizations whose business product and output involves and concerns the public sector. With the employment of teams comes along the increasing attention of organizations to establish and improve team capabilities. Hence, team-building activities and team management strategies and techniques became constant aspects in management concerns. This is because of the advantages, benefits, and effects, which were found from the implementation of work teams.

High-performance team relies most of its success from an effective team management. MSH Online (1998) suggests the following as several procedures that can effectively manage a team.

Define the team objective together.

Defining team goals is a process that must be done with all the member of a team. This is to ensure that all team members agree and understand the team's goals.

Allow an open discussion during team meetings.

Encourage team members to share their ideas. This is a good way to establish a healthy work relationship… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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