Group Has Chosen: Lil Wald Island Research Paper

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¶ … Group has chosen:

Lil Wald Island -- " Henry House (Population 13, 069) FOUNDED IN 1893, OLDEST SETTLEMENT. 4-YEAR COLLAGE. 2.50% LIVES IN POVERTY. 7.8% IS 65+ MEDIAN AGE IS 28.

Sister City -- " Canyon, Texas (Population 13,303).


Canyon Texas has a rich transit system with private SUVs (starting from $79), buses, the Citibus, a Transit System, and the Greyhound bus line (Canyon Public transportation

The Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) is also in charge of ensuring that all services and roads are working effectively and are safe. They also make sure that every mile of highway and road is kept in good repair. Their research, development, and technology transfer goes to keeping Canyon (one region in Texas) in modern conditions (Texas Transportation Industry).

The Top 5 Local and Suburban Transit near Canyon, Texas are:

Canyon Transit

Panhandle Transit

Texas State

Caprock Transport Inc.

5. Beaver Express (Manta

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Canyon too has an airport (the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport) which is within 30 miles of the city center. Road conditions are smooth to the extent that the average one way commutes to and from city center is 22 minutes. The city does not have an Amtrak train. 11.4% of its citizen's carpool compared to 15.4% in Texas as a whole. 0.3% of the workers in Canyon take public transportation compared to 0.4% in Texas as a whole. 4.0% walk to work (double the amount of workers who do so within Texas in general).

TOPIC: Research Paper on Group Has Chosen: Lil Wald Island -- Assignment

Put another way, the statistics also show that average travel time to work in Canyon is 15.4% less than the Texas average and 15.4% less than the National average. The number of people who take public transportation in Canyon is 34.3% less than the Texas average and 85.4% less than the National average. The number of people who carpool to work in Canyon is 25.6% less than the Texas average and 10.1% less than the National average. (Area Vibes. Canyon transportation information. )

Modes of transportation: 80% of the citizen's drive; 11% carpool; 4% walk or bicycle; and 3% travel by other routes. (ibid.)

Communication and Recreation,

There are lake parks. The city too has a community resource and recreation center. There are various parks and lakes.

Canyon's Park and Recreation Department is constantly busy with designing new program that would provide recreation for the entire family.

Recreation facilities include:

Swimming pools

9 softball / baseball field

30 acre soccer complex

6 acre lake

Rental facilities for boats (all kinds). (Canyon Texas)


Canyon cost of living index





Cost of living index



Goods & Services index



Groceries index



Health care index



Housing index


Transportation index


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