Group Counseling Intervention for Sarah's Case Case Study

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This would involve discussing the goals of the counseling process, discussing limitations of confidentiality, and developing a code of ethics to govern the group. Some of the legal and ethical concerns related to working with a client like her include maintaining confidentiality, promoting the client's well-being and safety, protecting the client's rights during the group experience, informed consent, and potential consequences of not adhering to treatment. The other concerns include cultural and diversity factors during group therapy and developing appropriate diagnosis ("Chapter 10," 2011).

Sarah's Honest Open Communication:

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Group counseling environments are usually characterized by the need for honest open communication. Sarah's involvement in her group during the counseling process requires open honest communication in order to achieve the goals of the therapy. Despite avoiding social interactions with her peers, showing lack of interest, and negative responses, Sarah is ready for honest open communication in order to deal with the psychological distress she is experiencing. As her counselor, I feel Sarah is ready for honest open communication because her current responses shows that she wants to share her experiences but only in a safe and secure environment. To assist her in becoming more communicative I will create such an environment by encouraging group members to share their experiences, providing positive feedback, and developing an effective diagnosis. The other measures include promoting self-awareness, identifying and addressing counter-productive behaviors, developing trust for each group member, and modeling positive behaviors.

Group Pressure:

Case Study on Group Counseling Intervention for Sarah's Case Assignment

One of the major components in group counseling experiences is group pressure to conform and scapegoating, particularly among teenagers. As a teenager, Sarah is likely to face this pressure in her group therapy experiences and therefore needs to be adequately prepared for such events. The pressure to alter behavior, feeling, and thinking can be dealt with through appropriate measures. Some of these measures include establishing ground rules for the therapeutic process, notifying the client of probable consequences of failure to follow treatment, and dealing with issues that arise in every stage of the group counseling process.

Legal and Ethical Concerns:

While group counseling is the best intervention for Sarah's case, it is associated with some legal and ethical concerns that determine its effectiveness. Some of the major legal and ethical concerns or issues in group counseling include consent, confidentiality, parental disclosure, dual relationships, and professional boundaries. According to Herlihy et. al. (2002), the other legal and ethical concerns in this intervention include accountability and liability, evaluation, and boundaries of the counseling relationship (p.56).

Lessening Potential Risks:

The counseling process will also be faced with potential risks to each member of the group and have significant effects on meeting their expectations. In order to promote the effectiveness of the intervention, these risks will be lessened through establishing ground rules, identifying and dealing with counterproductive behaviors, and providing necessary interventions in every stage of the process. Group members will also be expected to demonstrate responsibility and commitment to the process through abiding by the ground rules, demonstrating positive behaviors, promoting trust among each other, and providing necessary feedback. To encourage and contribute to such behavioral outcomes, some of the necessary steps to undertake include creating an environment of trust, modeling positive behaviors, providing necessary support to each group member, developing interpersonal relation skills, and promoting self-understanding.


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