Group Dynamics and Performance Term Paper

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Team Performance

One type of team that I have been a member of on regular occasions is a team that is tasked with some academic group assignment. Such teams can vary widely in their functioning and be tasked with everything from completing an in-class assignment, to working together for an entire semester or more. However, the academic team that I have chosen to write about is one that was formed in the initial days of the class meetings and lasted throughout the semester. The objectives were multifaceted in the sense that there were a wide array of different activities to be completed as well as deliverables to be submitted at the end. These deliverables were due at different milestones in the group project, as well as the most important objectives that were delivered at the end of the project which included the final report and group presentation.

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The longest group project that I have worked on in an academic setting was chosen because it was long enough in duration for a group dynamics to manifest throughout the project's progress. For example, after a few weeks, it was clear that the team members had vastly different working styles among other factors, such as their level of commitment. There were also other interesting trends that developed in regards to group dynamics such as the presence of both formal and informal leadership that helped the project meet its objectives and largely contributed to the outcomes that the group achieved. However, the team's group dynamics also played a large role in determining how the group functioned. This report will discuss the factors related to this group, and it's performance, from a team perspective that considers many of the relevant aspects that developed between the forming of the group, all the way to the adjourning stage when the group dissolved.

Group Composition

Term Paper on Group Dynamics and Performance Assignment

The group was composed of five people total; four other classmates and myself were chosen to be included in what was referred to as group three. The groups was an assigned group and the group's members had no say in how the different groups were populated. For instance, during the first classroom meeting, the teacher took role to see who showed up for the class, each of the students introduced themselves to the rest of the class, and the professor went over the class syllabus and informed the class that he would have the group assignments prepared for the next class that we came to. When we showed up for the next class, the professor read the names of the individuals that he selected for each group and then the members of the groups congregated together for their very first introductions.

In my group, there was a fairly diverse set of individuals in terms of age, profession, gender, and skills. In fact, it seemed as if the professor purposely selected individuals in order to create as diverse of groups of students as possible from the class attendees. In our group, we had one single mother who was returning to school that was in her early thirties. Another member was making up some classes to be able to apply to an MBA program and he had many years experience as a middle manager in a large business. There was another student who was comparatively young and was a foreign student that was from India and was majoring in an IT related field and was taking the class as an elective. Another student was from the local area and represented more of the traditional college track than the other students. She was a member of a sorority and also played soccer for the school. These members, and I represented the temporary team that was selected to work together for the entire semester. Much of the literature seems to value diversity for reasons such as the multi-perspective approach can help the group embrace different levels of complexity and uncertainty and their contradictory demands (Hatch & Cunliffe, 2006).

Group Dynamics

The forming stage went fairly smoothly. The entire group seemed to be cordial and friendly in the initial meetings and everyone seemed to get along with each other fine. The storming phase was slightly more rocky, as the name of the phase would imply. The corporate professional and the student-athlete were both vying to the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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