Group Formation Group Analysis Groups Are Collection Essay

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Group Formation

Group Analysis

Groups are collection of people that agreed to work for achieving same goal. I was a part of group that was a volunteer group to assist the psychoeducational processes in the hospital. The group helped students and patients learn small things and develop educational memory. I have also been a part of Medicare group. It was a local medical center's group that I joined as part time member due to my educational commitments. The purpose of this group was to help people lead a healthy and happy life and to adopt healthy habits leaving smoking, drugs etc. And to exercise regularly. The group was formed on the call of Administrator. He led the group and still leads it. Initially there was friction among group members but they settled with time.

Group Progression

The groups usually get stuck at the storming stage. Since the local medical center's group was composed of mature and professional members, the storming stage was not very violent yet this stage took the most of time (Tuckman forming storming norming performing model, 2013). Forming was quick followed by a long session of storming where the members basically disputed on the roles and jobs assigned. However, they soon stepped back as norming stage and they started to perform. Although it can be said that these stages occur at the time of group formation, these stages are often repeated whenever there is a new project or plan at hand.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Group Formation Group Analysis Groups Are Collection Assignment

The knowledge about group facilitation helped a lot deal with the stages of group formation. A facilitator, unlike a leader, does not only tell what to be done rather he also needs set guidelines and provides the right environment in which objectives can be achieved. The knowledge of facilitation was applied such in my group that it was made sure by the Administrator that everyone feels comfortable to give his opinion and participate, everybody felt appreciated… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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