Group Interaction Experience Research Paper

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I decided that my new year's resolutions will be, "To work more on my listening skills" as, in the last few days I have noticed how much they have helped me.

Day 19 group interaction

On the New Years I go out with friends and have fun listening to them making plans and telling them about mine and generally have a good time

Day 20 group interaction

I come back to my place after all the vacations and get ready for university which is opening up the next day. I interact with a few of my friends on the internet and answer a few queries that students have left on my email regarding the upcoming finals.

Day 21 group interaction

Today was the first day back to school and everyone was busy telling their vacation stories. I interacted with my friends and asked them about their vacations and told them about mine as well.

Day 22 group interaction

I have arranged another tutorial for the students. This time I only answer their questions and guide them where they are stuck. I informed them of the time allotted to me by the faculty for the tutorial so that they could make the most of it.

Day 23 group interaction

Its one day before the finals. I go to my professor and ask him about the time that he would require me to be in the classroom for the invigilation. I ask him to give me a briefing about the rules for the examinations and time for each section of the paper so that I could guide the students properly.

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Day 24 group interaction

I go out with friends to a popular cafe in the morning. There we get into a discussion about the increasing trend of fast food consumption especially in the children. I'm a very health conscious person and therefore, don't like this trend however, after listening to my friends who are married and have kids I realize how difficult it must be to try and stop the children from consuming junk.

Day 25 group interaction

Research Paper on Group Interaction Experience Assignment

I went to a toy store to buy a birthday gift for my nephew. I planned on getting him a car but upon getting to the store I got so confused about which one to get him since there were so many. The salesman asked me the age of the boy, his favorite cartoons and in the light of all the relevant information present me with two options from among which I choose the one I thought he would like the most.

Day 26 group interaction

I went to my nephew's birthday party and found out that his birthday cake was made by the same lady who had made the wedding cake on the wedding I attendant in the beginning of the month. Later on while talking to my sister I told her the cake was delicious only tofind out that she had specially gotten the number of the baker from the newly married couple. I too got her number from my sister in case I ever wanted a cake for some occasion.

Day 27 group interaction

I helped my professor making result sheets of the students for the finals exams. The university had come up with new software for compiling the results which I, along with my other instructors was finding hard to understand. I mentioned this fact to our head of department in a meeting and many other instructors nodded their approval. Hence, a workshop has been arranged for the next day.

Day 28 group interaction

The workshop today proved to be very helpful in understanding the software. The IT instructor was very helpful; he gave a detailed explanation of the workings of the software, listened to our problems and individually helped us in solving them. I made sure that I voice all of my issues but only when it is my turn to speak.

Day 29 group interaction

I quickly compiled the result much to the surprise of my professor. But it was easy once I got the hang of the software. Later on, I found a group of students sitting in the cafe; I went to them and informed them that I will be emailing them the results and will be taking queries regarding the results tomorrow only. Since, after that the result has to be submitted to the office and it becomes difficult to make any corrections in it.

Day 30 group interaction

I put up the result outside my office and throughout the day was very busy answering various questions that students had regarding their grades. I patiently listened to their problems and tried to solve them as much as I could. There was only one student whose result got misprinted otherwise;there weren't any changes that had to be made. Today, I finally realized how far I have come and how much 'keeping a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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