Group Process Social Workers Deal Assessment

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These members make it difficult for the facilitator because one of the goals of a group is social interaction. Another member may be the butt of everyone else's angst. This person, often termed the scapegoat (Maidment, 2010), can also have other roles. Even online groups tend to work out in this manner. It is interesting that even people who cannot see or hear one another will develop these same patterns (Finn, 1999; Gross, 2002).

The social worker needs to understand all of these different dynamics and have the training to work with the individuals who make up whatever type of group they are facilitating (Parker-Oliver & Demiris, 2006). A social worker needs to experience the different kinds of group interactions that can occur and remain calm and measured regardless. Basic group techniques (such as scanning) are important to understand, and use, when the group is being conducted. Another aspect is that of how many members a group can possibly hold. There are many facets within this, but a social worker should be trained to understand what goes into group makeup. Also, the different roles that the members are going to take have different countermeasures that can be taken. For example, the monopolize can be led to a co-facilitator-type role in which they help others through their own experiences. Many different techniques exist, and proper training is needed so that the group proceeds smoothly.

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With all of the different types of groups that are available, and the different roles that people will take within those groups, proper training can be difficult to achieve. However, all groups are similar in that they are made up of individuals who need some type of help. It does not matter who the person is, how they came to be in the group, or what their issue is, they still need help. That is what the social worker can give. It is always necessary for the facilitator make sure that they do not become the person who is the monopolize. The people in the group are there to learn from each other as well. Another danger to avoid is becoming a participant. Every group needs a facilitator, and it would be better if the trained social worker keeps that role.

Assessment on Group Process Social Workers Deal Assignment


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