Group System Exam Questions: Rationales and Materials Thesis

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Group System

Exam Questions: Rationales and Materials

How does a group influence individual perception and behavior?

This question is highly pertinent to an understanding of group behavior regardless of the setting, be it a given society (or the global society) at large or a specific subset of people or group scenario within that society, be it a corporate organization, religion, or family unit. The study of psychology has done a great deal in expanding human understanding of individual behavior, and to some degree of explaining group behavior, but rather than exploring the two dynamics as separate phenomena in human behavior they must be seen as intimately linked and mutually affecting circumstances (Omran & Van Etten 2007). This understanding of group and individual behavior as twinned elements within single social systems and networks is a surprisingly new field of study given the relative age of other sociological and psychological inquiries, but is receiving increasing attention

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This is one of the primary reasons that asking this question is so relevant in sociological inquiry. It implies that an understanding of both group and individual behavior is needed to understand one or the other completely, and though this might seem evident once the question has been posed it has received little scholarly scrutiny framed as such. Studies involving other primates have begun to be conducted along the same lines of inquiry, and the results of these studies seem to suggest that old models of behavior and methods of understanding group dynamics -- as well as the importance of individual behavior in shaping these dynamics -- are simply inadequate (Meunier, Leca, Deneuborg & Petit 2006). It is for this reason that the question forms an essential aspect of sociological inquiry.

Materials and Objective:

Thesis on Group System Exam Questions: Rationales and Materials Assignment

The objective in asking (and attempting to answer) this question is to better understand the dynamics of group behavior. Though the way the question is posed places the emphasis of the investigation on understanding individual behavior, it is only in a group context that individual behavior is being examined according to the parameters of the research question. It is impossible to distinguish individual from group behaviors in any sort of social network, a fact which is both implied in the question itself and borne out by empirical research (Robbins 2009). The objective of the research must, then, be to understand the way that individual behaviors are altered by group interactions, and the effects that these changes have on the individual behaviors. The alteration of behaviors in group dynamics is often shifting due to these cyclical variations, and different circumstances must also be explored in order to understand individual effects on group decision making and overall behavior (Meunier et al. 2006; Robbins 2009).

The material that could be utilized in this inquiry falls into two main categories. Direct research, as mentioned above, is scanty and still in its early stages (Omran & Van Etten 2007). There is an abundance of information on individual and group behaviors as studied separately, however, and a careful analysis of wide swath of such studies could also be utilized to come to preliminary conclusions. More importantly, such a review would point to new areas of research and inquiry and the likelihood of achieving meaningful results along certain lines of scholarly pursuit. This makes past research invaluable in advancing understanding.


What is the best approach of organizing a social system?


The importance of asking and answering this question is fairly self-evident; the use of the qualitative assessment of "best" implies that there is a specific… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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