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Group Decision-Making

What are the advantages and disadvantages to group decision-making?

The term 'group think' is often a negatively applied, a pejorative term used to describe conformist thinking. Thus, one of the primary disadvantages of a group as opposed to a team is that the dynamics of group interaction can stifle individual creativity, stifling the different potential contributions from a potentially diverse collection of people. The strengths of human diversity and multiplicity are lost when only the opinions of the most vocal and extraverted, are heard. However, one potential group advantage is that a group can be greater than the sum of its parts, pooling diverse experiences, impressions, competencies and ideas of many people from different backgrounds. No single individual in today's complex and demanding society can do and know everything -- if facilitated properly, a group's strengths can be collective stronger the conglomerate individuals that make up the group, and become its own entity.

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Term Paper on Groups Teams Assignment

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