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[. . .] Poking my finger into the rich, loamy soil, dropping a few seeds in the hole and covering them, lightly soaking the soil with water, and then waiting for the sprouting seeds to poke through in search of life-giving sunlight, reminds me that life, despite our personal and societal machinations, has its own internal clock.

Being reminded that life has its own speed, largely independent of human control, would not be enough on its own to justify creating an organic vegetable garden. While tending to the plants and watching them mature is a pleasant reminder of the solar cycles, harvesting and consuming the fruits of my labor has another unique reward. The tasks of planting, tending, harvesting, and consuming my organic vegetables remind me that the cycle of life is not an abstract theory entombed in some musty old biology textbook, but an expression of my life as well. This sense of being an integral part of nature is renewed every time my teeth crunch into an unbelievably delicious carrot or tomato, which I watched grow from a seed over a period of months. I can't help but ponder the web of mutually beneficial connections between ourselves and countless other forms of life, which have survived over unknown millennia. The carrot plant benefits from my need for nutrition and I'm rewarded in turn by the burst of flavor and nutrition in every bite. The purchase and consumption of store bought vegetables simply cannot provide the same experience.

Growing my own organic vegetable garden therefore reminds me that I am a part of nature, the part still controlled by the sun and integral to the cycle of life. The effect is not unlike standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon and being reminded of how insignificant human kind is in the big scheme of the universe, but not quite so cold and indifferent. Growing my own organic vegetable garden is my way of being reminded of my own,… [END OF PREVIEW]

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