Essay: Growing Up Female in American

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[. . .] Mom couldn't rely on dad for anything, financially or otherwise, so she taught us early to depend on ourselves. This is a valuable gift for anyone, especially a woman. To know you can make it alone in the world is one of the best feelings in the world. Mom still works hard, and taught us to be strong and independent. A full-time mom with a full-time career, she is a role model to us, and a constant source of inspiration and love. It is difficult to describe how important she is to our lives... she is a rock, an anchor, and a revelation.

From an early age, with such stimuli around you, you begin to see yourself as capable of anything. This is still true today. A mother, wife, and student... these are the labels surrounding you. Education still is one of the most important things in life. Graduation comes this summer, even though a husband and baby fill the world with love and responsibility. When you grow up in the shadow of a super woman, you tend to take on that role for yourself. Nothing is impossible - after all, mom did it. When you watch television shows and movies that portray women as weak and dumb, it makes you laugh. They obviously never knew your mom, and what she could accomplish. From the outside, she looks tiny and weak, but inside, she is strong as stone, with an iron will. The media loves to show the weakness of women, but life brings out the strength in women.

Friends are tough to make when you are a different woman in a different world. Not too many friends can break down the walls you build up around yourself to seal out the taunts and laughter you face each day because of your dress and your appearance. Some "friends" didn't make it past the front door because your father was in one of his "moods," and he frightened them away. Some "friends" turned on you when the kids at school teased you or ostracized you. Some friends managed to put all that aside, and care about you for what you were inside. The black girl who lived next door was like that. Her dad was a junkie, and was hardly ever home. Her mom worked two jobs to put food on the table and send she and her brother to college. You form a bond with someone that cannot be broken when you bond as childhood friends. You share the ups and downs of life, and learn to laugh at life's problems. You laugh about your two dad's meeting on the corner. What would they say - a crazy man and a drug addict? You can only laugh about those things with your dearest friend, and it brings you closer, and makes you stronger as a person, and as a woman.

When you're different, school is heaven and hell. Learning makes you stronger, and can give you opportunities you might never have otherwise. That's the easy part. Learning is easy for you, and you love to go to school, except, there are all those other kids there. They often make your life miserable, and you'd like it much better if you could go to school by yourself. Sometimes, your sisters stick up for you, and sometimes they simply ignore their little sister. Education is everything, and learning how to deal with the negatives only makes you appreciate the positives more.

Everything in your life happens for a reason. If you are born a woman, it is because you are supposed to experience everything a woman experiences. You must shoulder your responsibility with strength and determination. You can do anything your mind tells you to do. You learn this from a young age when you grow up in a tough neighborhood with a mother who can do anything, and encourages you to reach for your own stars. There are more opportunities and advancements open to women each day and each year. However, there are still distinct disadvantages to being a woman in this country, especially a woman of color. You can allow that to break you, or you can overcome the obstacles set before you. It is your choice, and it is your destiny. [END OF PREVIEW]

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