Growth of E-Businesses Term Paper

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Has the Emergence and Growth of e-Businesses Driven the Evolution of Technology?

While the emergence and growth of e-businesses has spurred technology to grow faster in some areas than it might have grown normally, the emergence of technology and the Web, since 1993, has affected business economics tremendously, expanding the ordinary salesman's beat from the hometown to the world, without traveling a step, in a very short period of time. Marketing over the internet is a recent phenomenon; outstripping regulation in gold rush proportions. The federal government has had to make new tax laws for it and state and federal courts struggle to regulate it, since nothing like this has been seen previously in the world of business. Some compare the emergence of e-businesses to the minting of metal coins or the adoption of the Arabic zero in its importance to economic history. Business is booming, using this new medium, though no product or coinage may exchanged until the package arrives at the door and the credit card numbers are presented to the bank for collection.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Growth of E-Businesses Assignment

Some say doing business as a middleman has been around historically since the beginning of the marketplace, and this is the role of businesses on the World Wide Web. The internet can offer nothing tangible itself; it can only offer services. The service it has most recently… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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