Growth of Latin America vs. East Asia Term Paper

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¶ … growth of Latin America vs. East Asia (China)

Many researchers have quickly gravitated to the significant differences in per capita incomes between the Latin American and East Asian regions of the world to explain their major economic growth differences and trajectory of economic gains seen today. In fact the most conclusive set of findings comes from a series of regression analysis and econometric analysis completed by De Gregorio (2004) (pgs. 111-113) which shows that while income can explain the significant differences in the history and foreseeable future of economic growth of Latin America vs. East Asia, the far more telling factors are the fact that East Asian nations are much freer to engage in global commerce than their Latin American counterparts. Porter (1990) ( uses the determinants of competitive advantage to organize these specific attributes of an economy.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Growth of Latin America vs. East Asia Assignment

This is rooted in the ideological stance of Latin America and their at times extremely ethnocentric attitudes about political philosophies. This is having a major effect on Latin America's ability to successfully manage balance-of-payments and attract foreign direct investment, two areas where East Asia was fortunate enough to set a foundation in the early 1990s. Additional factors that have contributed to the gulf in economic performance between East Asia and Latin America is the former's high fertility rates,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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