Guillaume Francois Antoine De L'hopital Term Paper

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Apparently, out of respect to the mathematician who made much of his fame possible, L'Hopital abandoned the project.

'L'Hopital was a major figure in the early development of the calculus on the continent of Europe" (Robinson 2002). During this time of scientific and mathematic enlightenment in Europe, and particularly in France, L'Hopital established himself as one of the world's premier mathematicians and book writers. It is noteworthy that many of the accomplishments L'Hopital is credited with have come into question over the years. Most obvious among these include the rule that is named after him, which every calculus student has been forced to memorize for the past three hundred years. Despite these questions, perhaps the most telling thing about L'Hopital is that he was widely accepted and respected by his peers. He became the third man on continental Europe to learn calculus simply because he impressed the man who later became his tutor. "According to the testimony of his contemporaries, L'Hopital possessed a very attractive personality, being, among other things, modest and generous, two things which were not widespread among the mathematicians of his time." (Robinson 2002). He died on the second of February, 1704, in Paris; the city of his birth.

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Term Paper on Guillaume Francois Antoine De L'hopital Assignment

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